Tips And Ideas For A Harry Potter Marathon Party


For all of you Harry Potter fans, here are a few tips and tricks you could use to have a wicked movie/book marathon! (Yes, that is correct we said a movie/book marathon!)

Print printable Hogwarts letters to invite your classmates.

First, you need to get your guests to your party.

Send then their Hogwarts letter! Invite them to your awesome party, fantastic from the start! You can easily print a Hogwarts invitation on multiple websites, just look up “printable Hogwarts letter” or something like it.

Clearly, have everyone dress in their robes.

If they’re coming to your Harry Potter marathon, they probably already know their house and have some robes (or at least some clothing that goes with the theme).

They should know to wear them, but just in case, put it on the invitation when you send it to dress up.

Have every room be a fictional one and decorate them that way (Decor is important!)

Decide what rooms you are alright with them going in and decorate them as one of the school’s rooms or somewhere else in the fictional world.

For example, the bathroom can become the girl’s bathroom and the entrance to the chamber of secrets, and a bedroom can be a dormitory, and the room where you watch the movies/read the books can be the great hall, or whatever you would like to do with your home!

Be sure to have all the movies and books ready to go.

Wherever you plan to watch the movies and read the books during your party, have them ready and available.

Put them in order and in a place where you can find them so that they’re easy to get to when the party starts. It will make everything run a bit smoother than if you had to search for the things you need.

Don’t forget the snacks!

Obviously, you cannot forget sustenance! Have some food. Chocolate frogs, chocolate snitches, gummy worms (house colors), etc. A lot of junk food, but if you’re a health nut then you could do pretzel and cheese broom-sticks,

A lot of junk food, but if you’re a health nut then you could do pretzel and cheese broom-sticks, gilly water, and other healthy treats!

Have some of those fantastic beasts, of course!

Decorate the house with a few of those magical creatures.

Perhaps a dragon on the lawn, a pixie in the room of requirement, a basilisk in the bathroom, and there are so many options! You can put all sorts of animals in all kinds of places. Just research what kinds and make/buy them. It will make the party extra fun.

Have an Ollivander’s room where they will get their wand.

To add some extra flare, you can have an Ollivander’s room/station where they can get their wand. But don’t just give them the first

Don’t just give them the first wand they have. Make it much more dramatic by having them try a couple, then have a lamp and a fan hidden (with switches close to you) to make a dramatic light and wind go off when they pick out a wand. “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.”

“The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.”

Make your guests a house notebook.

You can create a notebook for each of your guest’s house.

You can use a composition notebook (or any notebook/pad, actually) you can paint it or glue construction paper onto it. Write the person’s name and house on their notebook and presto! A lovely journal where they can write all their thoughts, ideas, and just take notes about Harry Potter.

Games! Quidditch, Would You Rather, Bingo, and more!

You can play lots of Harry Potter games at your house.

You can’t fly and play Quidditch, but you can go through a bouncy gold ball and try to catch it. And you can play Harry Potter Would You Rather (printable online), Harry Potter Bingo (also printable), “Wizards” Chess, and other games that you can find on all sorts of websites. I suggest Pinterest (very useful).

Potions, spells, ancient runes, quick classes in between movies, perhaps (Unless you want to sleep)

If you’d like, you could teach quick potion lessons using vinegar and baking soda or other chemical reactions.

You could even give a quick lecture on how to correctly levitate objects. Whatever you want to do, you can teach it between movies or during the credits.

The only problem with this party is that if you wanted it done in one day, it would have to start around 4:00 AM and end at about midnight. Lack of sleep could make you all grumpy, but it might still be fun.

Another option is that you could stretch it into a few different parties over a week or so. Hopefully, though, this article gave you some ideas on what to do to make your Harry Potter marathon party amazing!


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