The Struggle Is Real In The Tipping Point Web Series

The Struggle Is Real In The Tipping Point Web Series 3
Credit: Tipping Point (2018)

Tipping Point web series is from writer and actress, Sophia Strawser. It is to be released July 9th at 8PM EST. The series stars Sophia Strawser and Carma Jean as two jaded NYC waitresses. As mentioned above, the series is set to release July 9th. However, shortly beforehand, the series creators are having a premiere party for the web series.

What Sophia Strawser’s Tipping Point Is About

Three of the six episodes will be showcased at Adelina’s in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. From 5PM to 7PM drinks and food will be served and the ticket prices are as low as 20 dollars. The premiere party is being held at the very spot it was filmed at — which adds a touch of excitement.

While Sophia wrote, directed, and starred in the series — Carma, a close friend, is her right-hand woman. Each episode adds a new level of ridiculousness.

Tipping Point
Credit: Tipping Point (2018)

The girls go through many situations that all deal with the joys of serving in NYC. Honestly, the title of the web series follows through with the plot of the series. Sometimes you just feel like you are at your Tipping Point. If you have ever worked at a server, anywhere, trust me — you reach the tipping point sooner rather than later.

When Will It Release?

The series will release biweekly on Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. From having a model casting call across the street that ends up giving them a lunch rush. To stubbornly not standing up during their shift due to intense yoga flow the day prior.

To spending the day using the restaurant as a spa. These episodes are all about what servers truly want to say or do while working in their day-job.

Tipping Point
Credit: Tipping Point (2018)

What makes this web series exciting and realistic is that Sophia’s day job is, in fact, waitressing. So, this is based on her relationship with her own day job. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest, check out Facebook, and IG.

You can look up “Tipping Point Web Series” on all social media.

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