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Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok, so beware and read at your own risk! ūüôā

Thor: Ragnarok was undividedly too much fun. The action, the humor, and the Thor were all alive and well. Cinematography wise, directing wise, and writing wise, this film got a standing praise from me. Lasting a whopping two hours and ten minutes, this film gives more than enough time to each character.

Hulk and Bruce Banner are in this film, Loki, Hela, and a newbie to the gang — Valkyrie. Whom I loved more so than I expected to, she was kind of me in a way. Some others that get¬†substantial reputable mentions are — Korg, Executioner, Grandmaster, and Stan Lee (of freaking course).

Korg, voiced by the man behind the film, Taika Waititi, was comedic relief and the funniest out of the entire film. I could have had a whole film of just him saying his one-liners and jokes, and I would have been so happy. I rather enjoyed how he ended up staying throughout the film, even helping in the defeat of Hela. A true hero.

Ragnarok: Character Arcs & Deaths

Within the first half hour, at least, we get a significant death — which will be a more significant turning arc in the Thor films to come. Now that Odin is no longer alive, that is why Hela, Thor and Loki’s sister, has come back. His death released Hela and thus caused something that was going to happen all along.


Thor, Valkyrie, and Bruce (L-R)

Odin says it was his fault; Thor blames Loki — but, it was quite inevitable and necessary to test Thor in his thronemanship. Loki and Thor have a better arc this film, Loki will always be the God of mischief — but, he has a soft spot in everyone’s heart. Tom Hiddleston plays a wonderful Loki and always will.

Hulk & Bruce Banner = ♡

We get more Hulk, I missed Hulk. Bruce Banner also makes an appearance, both respectively. I preferred the more interactive Hulk we get this film in Thor: Ragnarok. He is not so “Hulk SMASH!” the entire film and speaking in somewhat actual understandable sentences.

We get told, however, that after the previous film (Age of Ultron) when Hulk ran away that he has been stuck in Hulk mode for two years. This is a revelation to know because Bruce Banner is hardly ever Hulk for more than a fight. He is never Hulk for long periods of time.

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After turning into Hulk to help assist in defeating Hela, the Goddess of Death — it brings the question of¬†if he will be able to change back in¬†Infinity War. Something that was left unsaid and possibly on purpose.

High Notes

The color codes in this film are remarkable. They work so well for what vibe this film is giving off: an entertaining vibe. The cinematography is another thing that I will praise. The fighting sequences were meant to be watched in 3D, but even without 3D and watching it in 2D, you still got everything and more.

What I enjoyed about it was the fact that this film can be watched either way. Some Marvel films lean especially towards 3D, and it ruins certain aspects of the film, especially after they are released on DVD, and you can’t buy a 3D DVD. Or can you?

The Grandmaster was amazing, Jeff Goldblum has and always will be amazing. The place where unloved scraps go to¬†basically¬†die is an interesting way to think about the outside of the devil’s anus aka. the beam they get sucked up in to get back to Asgard.

No one ever really knew what was outside of those walls and I guess now we know. But, Grandmaster? Excellent. One of the best characters of the film — mostly because of his banter with his assistant? What would you call that lady? I kind of wish we had a whole film with¬†just Grandmaster banter with other people. I would watch it.

High Notes: Loki & Valkyrie

Loki, the God of Mischief. Actually did incredibly this film, he is always good — don’t get me wrong — but, he was outstanding this film. Even being Odin, he was a fan favorite from me. I believe they are shaping up Loki to be something remarkable as a villain.

Marvel has particular issues with are one-note¬†villains; they last about one film and then leave forever. Loki is a¬†villain, but he is kind of an anti-hero — while resentment and rage fuel most of what he does, he does the right thing half of the time. I am also¬†pretty certain¬†he stole the¬†Tesseract again; which is normal for Loki.


Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki (L-R)

Valkyrie. Thank you, Tessa Thompson, for always gracing us with your¬†everything. She was in more of the film then I thought based on the trailers. I can also see a love plot happening between her and Thor? It was slightly foreshadowed, which is kind of cool. Overall, she stole half of the show for me — that accent was perfect and her¬†Valkyrie outfit? BADASS.

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Comedy = Perfect

The comedy. I know some (from the reviews I read) said the comedy was too much and felt forced after a while. However, that was not the case for me, it was just enough to the point where I felt like this was a fun, comedic ride. At the beginning when Thor was tied to the chain and spinning around? I did not laugh at that part. I felt like that only aspect as forced. After that, it was much, much better.

Low Notes

Hela, the Goddess of Death was indifferent to me. I did not hate her, but I did not mind she was there. I think Cate Blanchett does an incredible job; however, Marvel has a villain problem. We all know this, especially dedicated watchers of the MCU. I am personally not watching for the villains in the MCU because I know of this issue.


Hela, the Goddess of Death

With that being said, Hela was not really in the film. While she was¬†in¬†it and had much dialogue — she was not worth much. She was not defeated until the very very end, and most of the time she was alone on Asgard. Moreover, while she was alone on Asgard — she was not fighting anyone, she was just merely being a badass.

I wanted more from her being a force to be reckoned with in the comics. But, I knew I wasn’t going to get much from her based on the issue the MCU has. They spend a lot more time on Loki then any other villain, even despite Ultron, Red Skull, and Hela being some of the best villains in the cinematic universe.

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On that note, that was the only low note that I had with the film. This is one of the best Thor films to date, and I enjoyed The Dark World a lot out of the franchise minus Jane. This has replaced any Thor film we have gotten, and that is impressive. I hope the films continue to be this awesome.

Marvel should stick to the comedic, serious, badass vibe of the films. Only for Thor, GOTG, and Deadpool. Some films do not need it, and we know which ones, but Thor surprisingly did well with the comedy. Super impressed by this installment in the MCU.

Thor: Ragnarok — Final Thoughts

Watch this film, love this film, and have fun. It is a fun film to watch, it is serious when it needs to be — but, it is funny as well in all the right moments. It gets an 8.9 from me, and that is for many reasons detailed.

However, I don’t know how this one will fit in the MCU — it’s fun, but it feels like a stand-alone film from Thor. While we had Hulk, Loki, and¬†Valkyrie and the tesseract — it feels separate.

It will be interesting to see how it all fits together in the universe. The post-credit scene did not tell much, a lot of speculation can be figured out there. It happened quickly, and then before I knew it, it was over. So, I wonder how it will fit into¬†Infinity War. I’m so used to post-credit scenes telling so much, instead of so¬†little.¬†

While, of course, there were faults — as in all films, this one was nearly perfect. An 8.9 is because while I loved it — it was not Deadpool or Iron Man 3 for me, personally. It is in my top five, however, which is good. Then again, my ratings differ from the next person so do not take my love for Iron Man 3 to heart.

Also, what was up with Thor turning full on lightning? He has all of Odin’s powers now or what? On that note, what did you think about Thor: Ragnarok?

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