We all know that one day we will leave this earth. It’s a fact of life. But for Natalie Lawson, a well-known columnist at a Montreal-English daily newspaper and a single mother of three teenagers, that day is fast approaching. The storyline will revolve around Natalie as she prepares her family and friends for the days when she is no longer beside them.

As show runner Joseph Kay said at the CBC Upfronts in June, “the show will make you cry, but it will also make you smile and laugh”. I’m definitely no stranger to crying while watching shows. But I’m very excited to see how the writers tackle an issue that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. It’s a question that everyone knows must be asked or thought of one day: what will my loved ones do when I’m gone?

The all-star cast is just a bonus, really. Toronto actress Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlantis, NCIS) and Lauren Lee Smith (CSI, The Listener, Ascension) will play the Lawson sisters.

The cast also includes Rick Roberts as Matthew, Kristopher Turner as Oliver, Janet-Laine Green as Janine, Peter MacNeill as Gerald and Rachael Crawford as Danielle.

There is also a French version of the show titled “Nouvelle adresse”, which airs on Radio-Canada. That show will be entering its third season come Fall.

Take a look at this clip from the CBC Upfronts.


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‘This Life’ premieres Monday, October 5 at 9pm on CBC. 

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