Previously On Dr. Elliot Goldfarb, D.D.S. premiered May of 2018 on the Hatched YouTube Channel. This is a web series about a dentist caught up in a web of drugs, lies, sex, and most importantly, molars. However… all the fillings are drilled out. For short the web series can be called, Previously On… but we love the whole title so we will say Previously On… from now on.

Previously On… tells the story of Elliot Goldfarb. Goldfarb is a small-town dentist that starts selling extracted teeth once people discover they can be ground up into the world’s best party drug. Sounds a little gross, right? Still, this web series story of his descent into a life of crime is told through the re-caps of previous episodes. Goldfarb gets in too deep and it starts taking its toll on his life. His wife, Myrna starts to think he is cheating on her.

Goldfarb’s son is brought into the world of action as his son/hygenist/aspiring drug dealer. His name is Cal and he starts to get high off of his own supply of Chopper (the street name for ground-up teeth). A new gang, however, are moving in. They are called The Tooth Faries and they are ready for a fight, even threatening Goldfarb’s life. Nonetheless, Previously On Dr. Elliot Goldfarb, D.D.S. is the most action-packed web series that you need to partake in.

Previously On Dr. Elliot Goldfarb, D.D.S. is now on episode two (released May 22nd, 2018), the first premiered May 15th, 2018. Previously On Dr. Elliot Goldfarb, D.D.S. can be considered,

“A web series with all the fillings drilled out.”

You do not want to get mixed in with Goldfarb and The Tooth Faries. Between them and the black market street drug Goldfarb got mixed in with — you can say that Previously On Dr. Elliot Goldfarb, D.D.S. is going to be one heck of a fun ride!

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