There Are Worse Things Than Murder

How to Get Away with Murder ‘There Are Worse Things Than Murder’ Review

We have seen the characters of How to Get Away with Murder do some horrible, questionable things, so much that it’s hard to imagine what the writers could possibly do to surprise us next. However, Bonnie mentioning that “there are worse things than murder” when talking about Frank is certainly a step in the right direction.


How to Get Away with Murder has followed the same structure for its past two seasons: there’s the random cases of the week, the individual character arcs, and then there’s the overarching storyline that gets slowly unraveled through flashbacks. This is a formula that has made viewers and critics alike praise the show for its clever writing (after all, series in which you can speculate and theorize are much more fun), but it’s also become a reason for criticism for how confusing it can get sometimes. So far, this season is getting it right.

We’re only two episodes in and the mysteries are already piling up. Frank has always been the least developed character of the series, and not for nothing. He’s always been mysterious, but it’s quite interesting that Season 3 is when he has the biggest role in the story, even though he barely appears in it. With the subtle revelation that Sam was his doctor in prison, it’s fair to assume that Frank was a psychopath that had been doing Annalise’s dirty jobs all this time. If that’s not a reason for Laurel to fall out of love with him, I don’t know what is.

Thank God, Oliver is safe. That’s one less character to worry about for the fire. In this week’s flashforward, we see Annalise getting arrested, but not before she gives her phone to Oliver and asks him to wipe everything in it. Meaning, all of Connor’s nightmares have come true, and now Oliver is too deep in this mess. That is, if Connor is not the one under the sheets, but I doubt that’s the case because Oliver’s reaction seemed more like a red herring. Besides, these two already have enough on their plate. After having broken up last week, Connor and Oliver are still living under the same roof (probably because Oliver wasn’t ready to let him go), but it was clear that the situation was not sustainable. Connor is feeling very fragile, both in his personal life and in his professional one, as he had a very tough case in this episode, and this ends up with Oliver getting upset and asking him to leave.

Oliver was right in worrying about Connor. Sometimes it’s hard to realize just how much the Keating 5 have changed since the beginning of the series. Connor is a clear exception of this. This week, he clearly got carried away by his emotions due to the insecurities caused by Oliver (him joining Annalise, and their break up). Fortunately, this time he was able to earn the trust of the defendant, whose raw, emotional speech ended up wining the case. However, mentioning things like having committed like it’s nothing is a big mistake that might not be forgiven a second time. It’ll be interesting to see how he evolves this season.

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, and especially sex, has always been a big part of HTGAWM. During last week’s premiere, we found out that despite the developments between Wes and Laurel, Wes has a new girlfriend: Meggy, who seems to be so nice, I honestly hope she doesn’t end up being a Rebecca 2.0. There’s others like Annalise who, despite having someone in Nat, still feels lonely and seeks the company of Wes. Finally, Michaela and Asher are still not on the same page as to what their current relationship status is. Asher wants to have a serious relationship and be open about it, while Michaela only sees him as a sex buddy, and thinks that being open would be disrespectful to others like Connor and Bonnie. While Michaela does have a point (too often people of color are put in the position of “teaching” white people about racism), I also get the feeling that she cares more about Asher than what she thinks.

I didn’t have the chance to say it last week because I wasn’t able to write a review for the premiere, but the fact that the series is going back to the classrooms is, so far, the best thing about this season. In a story about a teacher and her students, the lack of academic focus in the past season was quite jarring. I was very glad when they did not only bring the classes back, but also even mentioned that the K5 were struggling with their grades, and that there were some conflict among students for supposedly being the teacher’s pets. For this reason, I sincerely hope Annalise is able to carry on with her job as a teacher even though she’s been temporarily suspended. Adding the new countless questions to be answered, and the mysterious role of Frank Delfino, this third season is looking busy, but also as exciting as ever.

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