Game of Thrones ‘The Winds of Winter’ Fandom Recap: THE GAME IS ON

If you thought last week’s episode of Game of Thrones was the best, wait until you have seen ‘The Winds of Winter’! The last episode of Season 6 was epic, actually launching the game of thrones.


Well, let’s start with the deaths. Who died last Sunday?
  • The unexpected death: Margaery Tyrell

The one fans call “the most clever woman of the Seven Kingdoms” died because of the lack of political intelligence of the High Sparrow. We learn, after a whole season of questioning, that Margaery Tyrell made a deal with the Faith’s leader to save her family. However, he is the one who underestimated Cersei’s intelligence. The high point of Margaery’s death is her awareness that they all have been played by Cersei and are going to die. As it could have been expected, she died trying to protect her brother, and holding his hand while the Great Sept of Baelor exploded.

The Winds of Winter - Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom

  • The casualties: Loras and Mace Tyrell

Margaery’s brother and her father were two other casualties of the blow, leaving Olenna Tyrell the only one of the family still alive.

  • The revenge: The High Sparrow

The Winds of Winter - Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom

FINALLY. We have been waiting for this for two seasons. Even if we could have wanted a more targeted death (why did all the others have to die?), it feels good to be rid of the High Sparrow.

  • The revenge, season 2: Lancel Lannister

Cersei told him she chose violence. She showed him. Murdered by the Little Birds, he witnessed the wildfire about the go off without being able to do anything about it.

  • The expected death: King Tommen Baratheon

Not being able to handle the death of his beloved wife, the young and easily influenced Tommen Baratheon ended his life on the last episode. We could even wonder if the cause of his death is not the insufferable position he is been put in, between a murderer mother and the loss of his wife. His death follows the prediction that was made to Cersei. Even if unsurprising, let’s however note that it looked… well, made to be a gif:

the winds of winter - game of thrones - the daily fandom

  • The good surprise: Walder Frey

If some people saw this one coming, most didn’t: Walder Frey passed away seeing the face of a smiling Stark. As we could expect it, Arya Stark of Winterfell came back to Westeros and put to good use the lessons she received in Braavos. She cooked Walder Frey’s sons in a pie that she made him eat before slicing his throat.

No wonder here, the Starks are back.

Who took a throne last Sunday?
  • Jon Snow/Stark/Targaryen (we don’t know how to call him anymore)


In a scene that made us have an impression of deja-vu (it was on purpose made to look like Robb Stark’s), Jon Snow got declared King of the North by the Lords of the North. Of course, Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island got her moment, where she ashamed some of the important Lords of the room. The Starks have taken back Winterfell, but the real question is: Is Jon who should have been named King of the North? No doubt he is brave, but we saw on the 9th episode that he had nothing of a great war leader, and Winter is Here. There is legitimacy into wondering if Sansa wouldn’t have been a better Queen of the North. Moreover, in an era of leading women, wasn’t it Sansa’s place to lead the North?

  • Cersei Lannister

The Winds of Winter - Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom

Cersei finally got it. After seeing her three children die, Cersei didn’t search for another successor: she took the Iron Throne, most to the displease of her brother. Jaime came back just in time to see her seat on the Throne with, well, a mad look. We are now waiting for the Young Queen who will take over her place, and with Margaery dead, only one is left.

Who’s on a boat?
  • Gendry

Well, we saw everybody come back this season, but Gendry is still on his boat…

  • Daenerys Targaryen

The Winds of Winter - Game of Thrones - The Daily Fandom

At the end of Season 6, she is finally on a boat to Westeros, alongside a huge coalition ready to defeat the Lannisters. She brought with her the Unsullied, the Dothrakis, the Ironborn allied to her, as well as the Martell and the Tyrell, both pretty revengeful. Of course, her dragons are here and ready. To our surprise, she left the Second Sons behind to watch over Dragon’s Bay (previously known as Slaver’s Bay). This is merely a political maneuver to let Daario Naharis behind in order for her to be able to contract an alliance through a match. Let’s hope he will no betray her out of jealousy.

Fan theory validated this week

This week saw validated one of the most important theories of the whole saga: the famous R+L=J. In a flashback, Bran got to see his father getting up the Tower of Joy and discovering his sister dying after giving birth. She gave Ned the baby’s name and asked him to take care of the little one and protect him from Robert. Knowing that Robert wanted the death of all the Targaryens, there is no doubt Jon (if that is his name) is Lyanna and Rhaegar’s child.

This week new fans’ theory

A new theory (that you can find here) claims that Jon’s name has been discovered. According to a fan, Jon’s real first name could be Jaehaerys, the name of a great Targaryen king and also a name starting by J…

Questions for next season

  • Are we going to see Daenerys taking over Westeros?
  • What’s Jon’s first name? How will he react when he learns he is a Targaryen?
  • Will Cersei become the Mad Queen? Who will kill her?
  • What will happen to Arya?

Our theories for the remaining 2 seasons

Season 7 could be centered on the taking of Westeros, with Daenerys landing there and fighting her way to the Iron Throne. She will wipe away the Lannisters opposed to her and all their allies. She will keep her alliances with the Tyrells and the Martells, and forge a new one with the North. Let’s bet she will marry the King of the North, thus keeping alive the Targaryen’s tradition to marry someone in their family.

Season 8 may then be focused on the War with what is beyond the Wall. Now that Westeros has been united under Daenerys’ flag, the last season may see Winter Striking under the form of the White Walkers. Let us rest assured that this epic battle to fight against Winter and keep Mankind alive will cost many lives, and in particular many main characters’ ones, thus closing the saga on the “bittersweet ending” George R.R. Martin promised.

But things may as well go otherwise…

What do you think? Give us your theory and share your opinion in the comments below!

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