The Weatherman #1
The Weatherman #1, Image Comics (2018)

Nathan… What Have You Done In The Weatherman #1? (Review)

The most anticipated comic to come out under Image this summer was The Weatherman #1. Alongside a few others, one by Annie WuThe Weatherman #1 seemed intriguing.

By the cover of the issue, and a short synopsis of what it was going to be about — there wasn’t much to go off on. However, that brings us to this pivotal moment. The moment where The Weatherman #1 was officially released (June 13th, 2018) under Image Comics.

The Weatherman #1
The Weatherman #1, Image Comics (2018)

The Weatherman #1 is written by Jody Leheup, art by Nathan Fox, coloring by Dave Stewart, and lettering by Steve Wands. What stands out immediately about this issue are two things: art style and writing/lettering. The art style here is absolutely insane, in an extraordinary and compelling fashion. This art style is new and abrupt and stands out within this issue effortlessly.

Nathan Bright IS The Weatherman #1

Nathan Bright had/has everything. An awesome girlfriend, a kickass dog, and his ranked number one job as a weatherman. He is charming, funny, and a ‘cool guy.’ However, suddenly, Nathan Bright is accused of carrying out the world’s worst terrorist attack in human history.

An event that wiped out nearly an entire population of Earth. Accused of such acts, Nathan becomes the most wanted man alive and a target for many, many manhunts. But, you know Nathan, would he do something like that? So, ill-willed and evil?

Why can’t he remember anything about it if he did? Find out in The Weatherman series!

A High Praise For The Art

As stated at the beginning of this review, the art. Having read this issue and known a synopsis beforehand, we were expecting — at least — a unique art style. Something that could match the plot in an eccentric way. This series did that and beyond. Nathan resembles his personality.

The Weatherman #1
*SPOILERS* The Weatherman #1, Image Comics (2018)

In this first issue, we get a wee bit of Nathan’s personality. We get that he’s funny, likable, and charismatic. The way he is drawn in The Weatherman #1 is just like you would picture someone like that. We cannot wait to see more of Nathan Bright. Plus, when he is eating a ton of food and his cheeks are huge it’s quite adorable. We have to admit.

A High Praise For The Writing

The art is not the only exceptional thing about this first issue. The story is attractive, but it leaves on a cliffhanger. How did Nathan get here? Why is he here? And, why did we have to have a death already, come on Leheup, our heart cannot take this! On top of that, why does his girlfriend have a gun pointed to his head?

The Weatherman #1
The Weatherman #1, Image Comics (2018)

The Weatherman #1 is a great opening issue to grab, especially for a first one. It asserts your attention to the page, and it’s hard to let go (even after it is over). The art style is unparalleled, the writing is refreshing, and above all else, this issue doesn’t have much to complain about.

The Weatherman #1 Is A Hit!

If anyone were to complain it would be about how we have to wait for issue two because of that cliffhanger. The story in The Weatherman #1 is not quite fleshed out yet since this is the first issue. We get a glimpse into what is to come, but nothing set in stone. As usual, most things in comics can change. You may have an idea about where it could go, but it never goes that way.

What we do know is… we perceive what happened about the abomination. We understand who Nathan is, and who his girlfriend is now. Everything makes sense, it’s all about putting it together and we cannot wait for issue two so we can finish some of the story.

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