The Uncanny Upshurs is an original dark fantasy web series following the Upshur twins as they discover the strange adult world.

The Uncanny Upshurs is produced by ParaFable, which includes Baguel Productions (England), Quip Modest Productions (New York), and Remarkable, Singular, Curious productions (Georgia). The series is created by Jules Pigott and Ingrid Nixie Greep and filmed in England and in the United States

The web series stars twins, Agatha and Wally Upshur. One day, Wally decides to move from the UK to the USA for school. That’s when they discover that the adult world is a bit stranger and a bit more magical than they originally expected. And yes, this includes fairies, witches, vampires, and more!.

The twins run “a Vlogbrothers-esque Youtube channel” through which the story is told. As part of the transmedia experience, viewers can also follow the twins on social media: Wally’ Twitter and Tumblr, and Agatha’s Twitter and Tumblr.

Having begun on November 7th, 2016, The Uncanny Upshurs airs Mondays and Thursdays on their official Youtube channel. The series is still on-going, with currently 30 episodes. Check out the trailer down below for more!