Sina Grace returns to geeky basics in Iceman #2. There’s drama, there’s action, and there are bad jokes abound.

Remember That Guy…

In all seriousness Iceman #2 is a genuinely fun romp through comic book land. Sina is showing his true geeky stripes with this one. While the dialogue and pacing still have the air of a comic in its early issues, the pure unadulterated fan in me was delighted by some of the choices Sina made.

Comic book continuity can be a touchy subject for writers. Many pick and choose the things they want to consider in continuity with a fine-toothed comb. And many will choose to ignore it as much as possible. In his first Iceman run Sina introduced a couple, normal, underdeveloped side characters to move his plot along.

But Iceman #2 has made it abundantly clear that, when given the choice, Sina will jump at the chance to use minor characters and continuity nods from not only Bobby’s history but the X-Men’s history in general. In issue 1 this was shown by using Bishop and the Morlocks. In issue 2 Sina chooses to use Emma Frost’s brother.

Now I love the X-Men. So I was fully aware that character Christian Frost existed. Fun fact: Jean Grey also has some siblings (brothers and sisters) though I believe they’re mostly dead anyways. The point is, though, that these little characters exist, and seeing writers remember them is always a treat.

A Romp Through Comic Plot Land

So Emma Frost shows up, and after some choice words between her, Bobby, and Kitty, Bobby agrees to help her check up on her brother because his ice makes him somewhat less vulnerable to psychic attacks.

The following adventure is charming, but it is an all-around comic-y adventure, that left me with mostly positive feelings. While Emma Frost is not made out to be nice, Sina does a good job showing us the Frost that I, personally, have always preferred. The woman who would break any law for the people she loves. Often times writers get the law breaking part but forget that everything she does is because she genuinely believes it to be in the best interest of the select few she cares for.

She’s a Slytherin if I ever saw one. He brought a gay character back into relevancy; one I had genuinely wondered if any writer’s remembered. And he managed to squeeze an emotional scene between the Frost siblings in between the jabs at Emma and Bobby’s past. This comic also furthers the *spoiler* villain, Mr. Sinister’s plot, gives Sina an excuse to give Bobby anti-mind reading powers and continues to riddle Bobby’s dialogue with some downright terrible jokes.

An Optimistic Outlook In Iceman #2

The art is growing on me. I’ve found that, while sometimes I feel Bobby has some pretty extreme cheekbones going on, Nathan Stockman has energy. His action scenes carry the feeling of movement and his facial expressions are doing wonders in every panel. The cartoony vibe of the book makes it feel more lighthearted than its predecessor.

I look forward to reading more now that it looks like Marvel has essentially let Sina run amok with his toybox. Whatever your opinions I think it’s obvious Sina is a huge fan of the character he’s writing and it shows.

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Iceman #2
Iceman #2 by Sina Grace
Satisfy That Inner Nerd
Like Iceman? Like references to X-Men Continuity? Iceman #2 doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's a genuinely fun, self contained, and even sometimes emotionally touching story that shows that Sina Grace is either a big nerd, or really did his homework. Would recommend for the lighthearted among you.
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Emma Frost, War Starting Monster
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