Marla’s secret resources – TTP “Things Fall Apart” Review

Last week’s episode of The Tomorrow People was as a notable improvement in the get-your-audience-interested-in-the-story department. It had action, excitement, emotion. Things fall apart, far from falling short, surpassed Sitting Ducks as things get more and more complicated for Stephen and more secrets come to light. WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS.

The first scene of the episode shows us a tomorrow person girl causing trouble and being chased by the police but easily getting rid of them with her powers. Stephen was able to sense her and feel her in a way that reminds him of his connection with Cara.

Marla keeps being suspicious about Stephen’s extracurricular activities: his job at Ultra, Astrid’s disappearance, his odd behaviour… And Stephen is so mad at Jedikiah for sending his agents after Astrid that he ends up quitting his job. And if it felt weird that Jedikiah didn’t suspect that Stephen was working as a double agent, isn’t it weird that he doesn’t think Stephen will go to the rest of the tomorrow people and tell them everything he’s found out about Ultra?

We’re also reminded that John got hurt in the last episode trying to save Astrid. Cara, who seems to be making up with him, approaches him and helps him clean his wounds. After a little talk, John kisses her.

As the preview showed us, the founder follows Stephen in the street to make him an offer: Stephen gets his breakout daughter back to him, and he will clear Astrid’s name. It appears that the breakout girl from the beginning is actually Cassandra, the founder’s daughter. After consulting Cassandra’s background with Tim, the guys think that she might be a synergist, “a breakout whose parents are both paranormal” and who have “heightened powers”. This explains her cool tricks from the first scene and the fact that Cara can’t hear her. Why can Stephen, though? This will be explained later.

Back in Stephen’s house, Luca is trying to do some tricks with his fork, which reminds of last episode’s suggestion that Luca could have powers too. Jedikiah calls at the door and Stephen rushes to have a private conversation with him. While Jedikiah tries to convince Stephen to come back to Ultra and not trust the founder under any circumstances, Stephen tells him that he doesn’t have to take his orders anymore cause he’s no longer working for him. Unfortunately, Marla hears part of their conversation and catches Astrid’s name from it. She begins thinking that Stephen quitting his job and Astrid going missing are related.

853457ca627441eac1acc76ba1f85ba6Stephen is able to feel Cassandra again and discovers that she’s at the Gosford Hotel. He goes there to try to get her handcuffed and teleport them both underground. Cassandra introduces herself as “Cassie” and tells him about her father while they have a few drinks. But they soon find themselves caught between Ultra agents and Stephen has to grab her and teleport them both underground.

Cassie, who thinks she’s in Ultra and that Stephen is an Ultra agent, tells him that she knew what he wanted the whole time. Cassie tells Stephen how she actually wants to get rid of her powers in order to be a regular human. Because if she doesn’t, her father will obligue her to do all the bad stuff that he does.

Marla storms into Jedikiah’s office at Ultra and tells him that she knows Stephen is lying because of him and that he mentioned Astrid in their doorstep. She gives us a badass mom moment when she threatens him:

I’m warning you. If anything happens to Astrid, or Stephen, or anyone close to us, I’m gonna go to the police and the newspapers and I’m gonna use every resource at my disposal to come after you and Ultra and take you down.

If John casually talking about synergists and Marla talking about “resources” isn’t a sign that she could be something more than what she looks like, I don’t know what is. Especially after last week’s episode conversation about someone else in Stephen’s family having powers. Is it really Luca?

Tim keeps digging in the corners of Internet for more information about Cassie but can’t find anything about her time in Brown. Cara deduces that that actually never happened and that those memories have been implanted into Cassie’s brain by someone called Dr. Lehrman. Cara decides to use Cassie to get to know more about Ultra even if that means keeping Astrid hostage. Something that reminds us when she kept Jedikiah’s girlfriend hostage just for the sake of having leverage. Stephen accepts on the condition that, after he’s done with the research on Dr. Lehrman, they’ll set Astrid free.

Unfortunately, he gets caught at Ultra. John and Russell start worrying about Stephen. Cara takes her role of new leader seriously and tries to keep her cool by suggesting that maybe he’s in an out of range zone. John doesn’t agree with her and thinks that Stephen could be in danger and in risk to actually be tortured for exchange of information, like for example, their location.

Things Fall Apart

They start and argument in front of the rest of the tomorrow people and John disobeys Cara’s orders by grabbing Cassie and teleporting her to Ultra, leaving Cara alone after having humilliated her.

Cassie enters the room where her father had tied Stephen down and actually gets to rescue him. The founder, who seems convined, lets Stephen go and promises to keep Astrid away from Ultra. Stephen happily tells Astrid that she can finally go home and she thanks John one more time (can we see more of this new friendship please?) before leaving there with Stephen.

And that’s when sh*t hits the fan between John and Cara one more time in front of everybody. Cara tells him that his attitude is “dangerous” for all of them and that even though he was right, that wasn’t his decision to make.

John: I will not be chastised for making the right damn decision!
Cara: Keep your voice down. (Cara gets nervous as more people approach)
John: Let me save you the suspense, Cara. I’m gonna do what I think is best for our people, no matter who’s leader down here (sound of people trusting John again in the background).
Cara: John, don’t.
John: And if you’re gonna threaten to kick me out every time I step out of line, you should just do it already.
Cara: Finally some leadership advice I can actually use. Pack your stuff. (Gasp!) You can say your goodbyes, and then you need to go. Goodbye, John. Good luckk.

When Stephen gets home, his mother wants to have a conversation with him about Astrid and the fact that she’s back. Stephen admits to her that he was wrong to join Ultra and that he’s sorry about everything that happened. Marla reminds him that him, her and Luca are “the iron triangle” and that no one can break it. Marla also tells Stephen that Astrid’s father has invited them to go out for a bite to celebrate she’s back. But before that, Stephen goes and have a long overdue talk with Luca. Stephen suggests him in a mysterious way that, if there is anything he wants to tell him or show him, now’s the time to do it. But it all turns out to be a joke cause the thing that Luca was actually hiding was a bong.


Cassie, who has trouble back in Ultra after being drugged by her father, warns Stephen that her father is actually gonna kill Astrid after all. But Marla has seemed to notice already that something’s wrong and she’s stood up from her chair to look outside and warn Astrid and her father to get down under the table just in time. Stephen runs as fast as he can to the place to find a bunch of Ultra agents shooting at them. After the agents leave, Stephen runs inside and is shocked to see his mom actually stopping the bullets mid-air, just like we saw Stephen doing in the Pilot. “Sorry”, she says, “I should have told you sooner”. Yes, you should have.

Let me start saying that I wasn’t that happy about Cassie. The last episode seemed to have opened a lot of new doors with Astrid being underground and Luca being a tomorrow person. So having that kind of ignored in favor of a new breakout seemed weird. However, it paid off considering we got a new concept introduce: synergists. Especially considering that, after seeing Marla has powers too, that means that Stephen is also a synergist. That’s why he can also stop time and why he could sense Cassie. Does this mean Luca being a tomorrow person is off the cards now? Or is it just a matter of time considering both his parents were paranormal? And what happened between Marla and Roger if she actually had powers too and knew about Jedikiah and Ultra?

And even though I was kind of mad to see that the Astrid situation had been fixed so quickly and so easily, I’m glad to see that it isn’t over yet and that Ultra is more powerful than what it seems.

Last but not least, Cara. It seems that this leader situation is taking a toll on her and she’s not prepared to make the right calls. What will the other tomorrow people think of her now? Where is John going? Doesn’t it go against Cara’s interest that a tomorrow person like John is now out there exposed to Ultra?

We’ll have to wait 2 weeks to get at least some of the answers!


Here’s the promo and producer’s preview for next episode, Brother’s keeper, airing on Wednesday 26th: