The Tomorrow People says goodbye with a very eventful episode

It was announced yesterday, the CW has decide to cancel The Tomorrow People, leaving their fans devastated. We’re gonna talk about it at the end of this piece. For now, here you have our last review for The Tomorrow People *grabs tissues*.

WARNING: This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

We were promised death, and death we got. We lost Roger by minute 4. Jedikiah had stolen Irene’s powers in the last episode but we soon realise that they don’t last long and eventually fade out. Roger asked him to shoot him to stop The Machine, and Jedikiah does so. A few seconds later, Stephen enters the scene and is devastated to see that his dad is dead… again.

the tomorrow people - son of man - the daily fandom

Roger’s death wasn’t that unexpected, he kept saying last episode that Stephen would take after him. However, if felt kind of pointless, not only because The Machine had already collected his powers but because his return to life as “the savior” didn’t really change anything in the show. I’m 100% sure that the fate of this character would have been completely different if the show been renewed a few episodes back.

With his father dead, Stephen is left alone. Marla and Luca didn’t appear during the episode so we have to guess that they were getting as far away as they could from the Machine. Stephen is blinded with revenge and wants to get the ANNEX injection to be able to kill. But Cara, who was portrayed as Stephen’s support, stops him.

On the other hand, Jedikiah keeps trying to convince us that he’s a good guy now. Yes, he was jealous of his brother’s powers but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t love his brother. He plays “father figure” with John, who is starting to trust him again. But sadly, that was just another one of his plans.

the tomorrow people - son of man - the daily fandom

There were barely any relationships combinations left in this series. We’ve had John and Cara, Stephen and Cara, John and Astrid, Stephen and Hillary… but finally, the “winning couple” were John and Astrid. Shippers can be happy. We guess this can be seen as the writers either trying to create romantic drama to catch more audience or just tasting the waters to see what couple was the most well received. Would they have ended together if John hadn’t become human? We’ll never know. As John was left out from the big final battle, Astrid and him had to play the role of humans who have to run away from The Machine.

However, like Astrid says, being human doesn’t mean that they are useless. They join forces with Cara and Stephen and make a plan to break into Ultra and break The Machine. Russell also stops fooling around with Natalie and comes back to himself when Ultra tries to kill Cara. However, Stephen has a hard time forgiving him because he’s in part responsible for Roger’s death.

the tomorrow people - son of man - the daily fandom

The plan was quite simple and predictable: distract them on the front while the others sneak from behind.  The final battle happens between Stephen and the Founder, next to The Machine. After the typical evil-hero word exchange, Stephen is able to reverse the power of The Machine, unpausing time. Just when they thought they had made it, Natalie appears to shoot Cara. This wakes something inside of Stephen, who is able to actually reverse time. Just a scare, then. And, with that, the world has been saved.

The ten minutes that remained after the big resolution were to set the atmosphere for Season 2. We know now, that they are just like those last minutes in every movie that basically let you know how things keep going after the credits roll. The tomorrow people now live in the Ultra headquarters, Stephen and Cara are their leaders… and the only thing that needed an extra Season: Jedikiah revealing his evil plan by hacking John’s brain and turning him into a killing machine. Guess we’ll never know the continuation of that, unless the fans really ask for it and get something like a movie like what happened with Firefly. But I don’t see it happening.

the tomorrow people - son of man - the daily fandom

There’s nothing left to say now. Only a big thank you to the writers, the cast and everyone who made this show possible.

We can only hope now that there will come a day in which the CW stops making big decisions only based on audience. Because the fans, most of them, are HERE. On the Internet. The audience of US TV shows aren’t only in the US. There’s people from all over the world watching those shows on their computers. Voting on polls, tweeting, writing fanfiction… that’s what lets you know how much a show is appreciated. There will come a day in which Internet audience will be as important or even more important than TV audience, which is starting to become obsolete. And The Tomorrow People‘s cancellation is another proof of that.