Things keep getting more and more complicated in The Tomorrow People. In Endgame, we learn a few things from the past regarding Jedikiah, Roger and the Founder. Stephen has to make a very important decision and the consequences of his actions might be catastrophic for those who surround him. WARNING: This episode contains SPOILERS.

Endgame was all about two questions: 1) should Stephen trust Jedikiah or the Founder? 2) What are their endgames? Throughout the episode, we see our characters struggle to answer either of these questions and being forced to watch the consequences of their decisions.



These are the characters that make this show REALLY interesting. Little do we know about Jedikiah, Roger and the Founder, but this week’s episodes gave us a lot of flashbacks (which are slowly becoming a storytelling device for this show) to get to know more about these characters and their relationships. We saw how Jedikiah dealt with Roger’s powers. At first, he seemed excited by it, even studying and experimenting with his brother and never showing any sign of jealousy. Not even when he was left out of the telepathic conversation when they met the Founder, another “tomorrow person” (apparently he came up with the term).

In a private conversation between Jedikiah and the Founder, Jed talked about “inequity” while the Founder chose the word “jealousy“. Jedikiah said he was worried about the possible backlash they could get when the paranormals went public so he decided to come up with a method to transfer powers to homo sapiens (which is something we saw him trying to do in Brother’s Keeper).

Jedikiah did care for his brother. But was it because he was family or because he was interested in him and his powers? Their relationship was definitely not healthy:

Jed: I loved your father. Every book I read, every class I took, was for the purpose of understanding him and protecting him. He was more than my brother, he was my life’s work!



The breakout of the week is Sophie, Cara’s sister. Her character is sadly eclipsed by the A plot and she was also quite whiny. Let’s say they didn’t make a big effort to make her sympathetic. This is the second time that we see a tomorrow person who doesn’t want their powers.

Cara’s attitude has changed too. Even though she wanted to protect Sophie, she lets her go (something that we wouldn’t have seen her do a few episodes back). Also, he gives John permission to go on a very dangerous mission to kill the Founder without an argument (wow!).


Those flashbacks were supposed to help us in the decision making but only made things even more confusing. Who should we trust? Jedikiah? The Founder? Both? Neither?

Jedikiah says he has a plan. He loved his brother and he froze his body because he just wanted to keep him safe with him rather than have him in the hands of the Founder. We know that Jedikiah wants to study and understand the tomorrow people. However, he’s not doing it to protect his brother. He’s doing it to have their powers under control and protect humanity from the tomorrow people. Was he trying to protect humanity from Roger too? And what about that indication we got in Brother’s Keeper when it looked like Jedikiah wanted to learn how to transfer powers from a tomorrow person to a human? Maybe he didn’t want it to be powerful himself but to spare his brother of the load and danger of having powers? Hmm.


The Founder (or should we call him Bathory now?) gave what could be seen as the typical speech someone makes up when he’s about to die just to manipulate his killer.

Founder: All that Jedikiah has told you about me and about the machine, it’s to drive a wedge between us. Just like he did with your father and me. To make himself into a martyr when you’re uncle is a monster. (…) I made sacrifices that no father should ever have to make but the machine was your father’s dream, Stephen. A device that could finally build a road to our salvation. Why else would I risk my own child? I did it for you, I did it for your father, I did for all of us! I’m on your side.

He was clearly playing the “I’m a paranormal too” card. A decent normal person wouldn’t have done that to his daughter and wouldn’t put himself under that much protection. Is he running from someone? Does he have something to hide?

After Cassie dies and when they get back to the lair, they realise Jedikiah has left. John gives Stephen 1 hour to get to Ultra and get some answers or else he’ll go there himself and kill him himself. Another interesting conversation takes place while his possible jealousy is addressed again.

Stephen: Just tell me it’s not about you wanting his powers for yourself.
Jedikiah: It wasn’t Roger’s powers that saved me that day, Stephen. It was his love for me. His humanity saved me.
Stephen: What am I supposed to do?
Jedikiah: You need to decide who you really are. Your powers make you very strong. But only your humanity can save us. Everyone of us. 


There’s a lot of tension surrounding The Tomorrow People right now. Both in the story and out of it. After the last audience reports, it seems like this show is IN REAL DANGER to be cancelled, compared to The 100. This could be why The Tomorrow People seem to be pushing the level of excitement in each episode to try and get a premature resolution. Like I mentioned before, I expected the whole double agent-Stephen thing not to be resolved until the season finale, and all the story between Jedikiah and Roger to go on for seasons to come. But now, it seems like they’re not so sure they’re gonna get that second season so they’re pushing with all they’ve got. It would be very sad to see this show get cancelled given how good they are at creating tension and exciting scenarios.


Check out the promo and photos for next week’s episode, Smoke and Mirrors, airing on March 31st: