The Doyle’s Favorite Ghost In The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1

A dedicated reporter, a curious couple, a terrified medical student, and a ghost hunting duo all have something in common. Are they all related to an incident that happened in Zurich, Switzerland? Do they all hear a bump in the night whenever they close their eyes to rest? Who knows, maybe they’re the ones pulling the strings. Find out in The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1; Boom! 2018.

Only An Hour For The Adventure

New to the presses this Comic Book Wednesday is an exciting tale written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker called The Thrilling Adventure Hour No. 1. In this story illustrated by M.J. Erickson and colored by Brittany Peer, we follow a reporter who is not only dedicated to proving himself to the company who let him go but to get all the information he can on a juicy story springing to life in his very own city of Brooklyn, New York. In his searching, he is lead to a medical student, Adam Silver, whom has all the answers he needs.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1; Boom! 2018.

Meanwhile, our husband and wife duo, Sadie and Frank Doyle, might hold a hint for what our reporter might be looking for. Our suave and proper lovers are exorcists, searching out and putting to rest unnatural entities in their spare time.

As they prepare drinks for themselves and their company, Donna, and Dave Henderson, Adam soon interrupts their quiet evening knocking at their door. Once invited in, he reveals that he is living in, what he believes to be, a haunted house. Having heard of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle’s reputation with the supernatural, he hoped to rid his residency of whatever may be trying to kill him.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1; Boom! 2018.

Unexplained happenings ensue as Mr. and Mrs. Doyle soon find themselves trapped within the house they are performing the exorcism in with the Henderson family. Is this the big story our detective is looking for? Is he looking for proof of the supernatural in Brooklyn?

Fishing Hooks Or Merely The Strings?

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1; Boom! 2018.

On the very first page of the comic, we see a short interaction of two truckmen in Zurich, Switzerland. In my first read, I missed a very important detail in the first panel: the silhouette around the moon that resembles a vampire. I find this fact important because, on page 13, Donna mentions her interest in one possibly haunting Adam’s home. I believe this could play a bigger role in the future, but for now, we have no lead.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1; Boom! 2018.

A New Unnamed Character?

Secondly, we are introduced to a reporter character to who we do not have a name for yet. We start to follow him as he chases down a story that has little to no leads which begs the question: what kind of story is he writing about? So far, this part of the plot seems unrelated to, what I believe, is the main story going on with the Doyle family and Adam. Due to a lack of information about the reporter’s personal experiences, it’s hard to say how he relates to the plot.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1; Boom! 2018.

From the plot so far, one could theorize that the janitor was the one who gave Adam the address of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle but for what reason? We don’t know yet. This point relates back to my previous statement about the janitor having a bigger role in this story than we first think.

While the cliffhanger at the end leaves the reader wanting more to the story, I feel there were lots of questions left unanswered or unclear. What does the reporter have to do with all of this? Who is the janitor? What does the ghost in Adam’s house want? Who were the truckmen in the prologue? Many of these could be answered in the next issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

A Syndrome Every Artist Knows

Many artists, whether going through school or self-taught, know the fate of the Same Face Syndrome. Same Face Syndrome is a term used in art to describe a style where multiple characters have the same looking face, making them hard to differentiate between. I hate to say it, but some of the characters in this issue suffer from that same effect.

At first look, I believed Sadie and Frank were brother and sister because of how similar they appeared (same nose, same eyes, same face shape). This could easily be fixed though with a simple change of nose structure to some of the characters or even an added facial blemish such as a mole, freckles, or scar.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1; Boom! 2018.

Besides this, the art style is unique and has very good line weight and color schemes to bring the characters out from the background. In low light settings, it’s a little harder to pick up on the characters but that could easily be fixed with harsher lighting on characters the reader should be focusing on. Overall, the art style is a nice change from other major comic book companies and feels like a breath of fresh air.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1: Recommended Reading or Just Another Name?

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1 is a comic that might pique your interest if you love ghost adventures, thrillers, or mysteries. It’s a comic that asks you at the very beginning to just bear with it and listen to what it has to say before you decide to put it back down and write it off.

All in all, if you’re looking for something refreshing, something that gives you that Twilight Zone feel, or something that makes you think of classic ghost mysteries from the 60’s, The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1 is the story for you!

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Check it out online now wherever digital comics are sold!

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