The Spun Yarn is a new way for authors to get feedback. If you have an unpublished novel, manuscript, or piece of work you want to be looked at by readers who care and can give vital feedback, The Spun Yarn is the website just for you.

Writing is hard. Getting feedback shouldn’t be.

The Spun Yarn

What The Spun Yarn Does

This service matches your unpublished novel with three trusted readers from their network. There is a four-step process, which you can take part in as well that The Spun Yarn arranges:

  • You tell them if there are specific kinds of readers you are looking for.
  • The specific questions you have about your manuscript that they can ask the readers.
  • And, then they match your manuscript with three diverse readers and ask them each to answer four questions at the beginning, middle, and end of the manuscript.
  • They also asks the reader to provide overall feedback, answer specific questions, and have them score your manuscript in eight categories, which they then compare to their growing manuscript database.

However, after all is said and done, the last step The Spun Yarn does is summarize this in a thirty-page manuscript report, which they return to you within thirty days.

The Spun Yarn FAQ’s

Some frequently asked questions you may have about The Spun Yarn are included below. Nonetheless, if you know any author that would love to take part in this, they have a website and social media as well. Get your manuscript read and analyzed by readers just like you!

How do I know if my work won’t be shared, stolen, or plagiarized?

Each of the readers is vetted before becoming a Spun Yarn Reader and signs a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement before reading any manuscripts.

Which genre do you do?

All of them. The readers each select their top 3 favorite genres, so they match your manuscript with readers who enjoy your genre. They even have specific nonfiction readers!

How much does it cost?

While they test our service, they are offering a full feedback report at a discounted rate of $249. They pay each of our diligent, intelligent readers, so you can tell that they are not in this for the money. If you want to test it out and send the first 15k of your manuscript. They can do a Smart Start Report for $99. See our pricing page here.

How do I know it’s worth it?

They haven’t met an author who hasn’t been blown away by the helpfulness of this report in their next revision. See what the authors are saying about the service. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t find your report helpful.