The Secrets Of The Scroll In Gogor #1

This month, Image comics came out with a new series called Gogor #1. It takes place in a high fantasy world named Altara, where nothing is like our own. Ken Garing is the creator, writer, colorist, and letterer of Gogor’s first issue. Garing is also known for his other comic Planetoid. Gogor is a story about a mysterious monster living in the ground of the floating world of Altara.

Gogor #1
Gogor#1 © Image

Gogor #1 starts out with Armano (our main charter) running from men called the Domus. They are wearing spherical helmets and ride beetles like horses. The Domus is chasing after him because he has a very important scroll he got from one of his teachers at the School of Natural Arts. Armano finally gets away and settles down in the middle of the woods where he meets a man named Wexil. Wexil takes Armano to meet his friends. This is where the adventure really begins.

A Mythical Green Being In The Ground

The writing for Gogor #1 is fast-paced. You get thrown into the story right away. As you are reading, you will get the information like who is this boy, where is he from, and what animal is he riding on the back of. Garing is as great at world-building as any fan of his other comic Planetoid will remember. This first issue of Gogor is just a glimpse into this complex new world. The cool thing about this book is that while you have no idea what is going on, you are not alone. Our main character also has no idea. We learn about this world and the mysterious green being alongside Armano.

Gogor #1
Gogor#1 © Image

Armano seems very naive. When he first meets Wexil, he is willing to give a very important scroll to him and also sleep with him at Armano’s makeshift campsite. At the end of this first issue, Armano is still just a student from a nearby school and nothing makes him special… yet. He was just in the right place at the right time. Garing has made a whole new world with new characters. It is going to be interesting where he is going to go to the next issue.

The Art Of Gogor #1

Garing’s main color in this issue is green. This is obviously a comic about the environment, as you can tell by looking at the art and color. The character’s designs are all very creative in this issue, except for the Domus. All the Domas look the same with their spherical helmets and grey uniforms. Every other character looks completely different. It’s not until Wexil takes Armano to Dolni’s Place that you meet the rest of the characters in this issue. All of them are wildly different from their body types to skin tones.

Without a doubt, the art is very beautiful. This comic is filled with creatures we have seen in our own world, just on a larger scale. The art is on the simpler side. The charters and background aren’t very detailed. The art is also reminiscent of cartoons with shapes and tritone color schemes — that go very well with the story itself. Another thing Garing used in this comic is bold paneling. Some of the speech bubbles overlap the panels, and he uses different colors on the gutters to help tell the story.

What Is Coming Next In The Story Of Gogor?

Gogor #1
Gogor#1 © Image

Gogor #1 is a great story with excellent art and minimalist coloring. While in the beginning, you are thrust into a story you know nothing about, it will keep you on your toes and make you enjoy peeling back the layers that of the first issue. The art goes great with the story and the characters you only get a glimpse of in this issue will make you want to come back.

This is what is so great about this first issue. You go in not knowing what is happening and you leave with only a little bit of information. You are learning about the world around you with Armano. We over at The Daily Fandom cannot wait for issue #2 to come out in June.

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