What do cardio, Twinkies, Bill Murray, and Pacific Playland all have in common? That’s right, Zombieland. The apocalypse of Zombieland brought together four people that could not have been more different but still survived together to bring us to Zombieland 2: Double Tap. In order to get you ready for the newest installment of the franchise, let’s go back to Zombieland and recap what happened ten years ago.

What Happened Ten Years Ago?

Columbus is our main character. As a shy, anxious, and agoraphobic college student, he meets Tallahassee on the highway who is the exact opposite. Tallahassee is a very monochromatic thinker. He displays no emotion towards the zombies aside from the loss of his son at the beginning of the apocalypse. As Columbus and Tallahassee make their way towards their split in the journey, they stop at different places to find Twinkies, Tallahassee’s one desire. 

They met Wichita and Little Rock in one of the stores they were searching through. After a convincing ruse, the two sisters steal the resources from the boys. Wichita is the older sister, typically calculating and cautious, while Little Rock is the younger sister, more trusting towards others. Columbus and Tallahassee finally catch up with them after their car breaks down and they all decide to stick together. With nowhere to sleep for the night, the group is determined to go to Bill Murray’s house after Tallahassee is convinced he will have Twinkies. 

The Ten Year Challenge for Zombieland 2.
Credit // Columbia Studios

They come up empty-handed and, after a Ghostbusters viewing and dance party, Bill Murray shows the group he is alive. Columbus accidentally shoots him and they send Bill Murray off over the edge of his balcony. Afterward, Wichita and Columbus have quality time with wine and dancing. At the same time, Tallahassee and Little Rock bonded while doing some shooting practice.

Wichita and Little Rock abandoned Columbus and Tallahassee in order to complete their trip to Pacific Playland. Unfortunately, what they heard about the Pacific Playland being zombie-free is not true. Columbus and Tallahassee come to their rescue and Tallahassee finally gets his Twinkie. We are, of course, reminded at the end of the movie, cardio, seat belts, and some sunscreen just in case. Which brings us to Zombieland 2: Double Tap!

Rule #2: Double Tap!

Zombieland 2: Double Tap brings us back to the same dysfunctional family we know and love. They are enjoying the little things and definitely following the double tap rule. We are ten years in and have arrived at the White House in Washington, DC. Little Rock is now 22 years old and, not surprisingly, she wants to be treated as her age.

In order: Little Rock, Wichita, Tallahassee, and Columbus all stare ahead with flaming torches
// Columbia Studios

Columbus and Wichita seem to have kept their relationship going since the first movie ended. Tallahassee is, of course, still obsessed with Twinkies. Focusing on the zombies alone, they appear to have evolved in order to hunt better. It seems they also understand that fire will kill them. In the trailer, you can see them all standing in the same shape as the fire in front of them without them crossing over. Thankfully, our characters seem to be getting some new people to survive with.

Our New Family Members In Zombieland 2

Madison was determined as a sacrifice in the inevitable zombie vs. human showdown at the end of the movie. As she seems very ditsy and has stated that the zombies are more afraid of them than they are of the zombies, seems like a good conclusion for everyone to come to.

As Little Rock runs away, she picks up Berkeley, who seems to be a peacekeeping hippie with a gallon-sized baggie full of weed. There isn’t much to indicate about what his character is doing in the story, but a love interest for Little Rock seems to be the logical answer.

New character Madison is smiling wide with arms shrugging while Columbus looks nervous behind her
// Columbia Pictures

We also met Columbus and Tallahassee clones. The way that Flagstaff (Columbus’ look-alike) exits the monster truck that Albuquerque (Tallahassee’s duplicate) parks have the same feel as the character that Columbus was in the first Zombieland. They are sure to add more snark and probably new rules to the group. There is also a new female character, Nevada, that seems to be even tougher than Tallahassee. Zombieland 2: Double Tap comes out on October 18th in theaters.