SUPERNATURAL: Why fandom is so excited for the return of Claire Novak

The Supernatural fandom has always had a passion for creating all sort of creative stuff based on characters who have appeared in just one episode. And that’s not much considering this is one of the longest on-going fantasy/horror shows ever. A clear case of this is Missouri Moseley, who is incredibly popular in the world of Supernatural fanfiction. Today we’re gonna be talking about another female character: Claire Novak, the daughter of Jimmy Novak.

Just like Missouri, Claire only appeared in one episode: 4×20 “The Rapture”. In case you have forgotten, the episode revolved around Jimmy Novak and the effect that Castiel had on his life and his relationship with his wife and daughter. There’s only a few things we know about Claire. We now she was a good daughter and, just like her family, a very religious person. He was lucky to have loving parents that really cared for her. At the end of the episode, Jimmy gave his life for her when he asked Castiel to take his body and let his daughter live a normal life. We also have to remember that, as Jimmy’s biological daughter, Claire also has the right bloodline to contain Castiel. Therefore, she’s of angelical importance in some way.

How will the present Claire be?

Claire is 17 years old now. An E!Online TV scoop report claims that she’ll be an “angry teenager”, also describing her as “punk-rock-pretty”. It’s fair to say that we can expect her to be a strong character with an attitude. She’s also “sarcastic, smart and defiant because of her rough past”. And that was to be expected. Even though she was a good and loved girl, Claire experienced a lot of trauma. First, he lost his father when he disappeared for an entire year without any kind of explanation and not even know if he was alive. After that, she was possessed by Castiel and kidnapped by her possessed mother. And after that, she lost her father again. But it doesn’t end there. Apparently, Amelia has disappeared for unknown reasons. All of that’s got to change a person. Since then, Claire has “bounced from foster home to foster home” learning to be self-sufficient.

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How will Castiel feel about Claire?

But the question is: will she be a nice and helpful person for the Winchesters and Castiel? Or will she be mad at the angels and will be looking for revenge on Castiel? A later report seems to indicate the latter: “[Castiel] is in the body of her father who is no longer alive, and he essentially killed her father and took his body, so you can imagine how their interaction starts”. It also seems that Claire’s appearance will be a part of an “extremely personal journey” for Castiel this season.

Claire has inspired a lot of creativity in the Supernatural fandom, from amazing fanart to all kind of fanfics. For now, all we know is that the Supernatural crew are still casting the actress, so it won’t be Sydney Imbeau anymore.

So why is she so important in the fandom?

1) She’s a female character.


Thank you, Felicia. The lack of female characters in Supernatural is an issue that has been addressed a lot of times already so we’re not gonna discuss that today. It could be said that fandom is still looking for a substitute for Jo Harvelle. A strong female young hunter. We came close to that with the addition of Krissy, but we haven’t seen her since Season 8. There is also Charlie, but with her indefinite trip to Oz, we don’t know if we can count her on it. Will Claire be the badass angel hunter that we all dream of?

2) We could get closure on the Jimmy situation

Is Jimmy dead? Is he in Heaven? Is Jimmy’s body 100% Castiel’s now? These are important questions, especially considering Castiel had sex with April last season. Consent is a big part of why we want a definite answer on Jimmy. Other than that, we’d also like to know what became of the Novak family and we’re very excited to see what a role human-hunter-Claire will have on slowly-fading-out-grace-Castiel. Castiel’s humanity was addressed a lot in Season 9, in fact, it could be said that choosing humanity was the major theme for him. It seems that this season that theme will keep going on and the addition of Jimmy’s human daughter might play a very important part in that.

3) She’s not gonna take any crap from the Winchesters

We can expect a Claire who will be confident and focused on her mission. Just like the Winchesters, she didn’t have the most appropiate childhood or adolescence. She’s her own person and she’s not gonna back down or be intimidated by anything that Sam and Dean might say to her. She’ll keep on doing her own thing. And that’s SO IMPORTANT. The fact that we can have characters who have lives and thoughts of their own independently from what the Winchesters wish of them is something that is rarely seen in this show. In fact, Claire might teach them a lesson or two.

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For now, we don’t know wether Claire will be back for just one episode of if she’s gonna be a character with a bigger role during the season. We can only hope the best for her character, and for all the female characters that might come along this season.