A lot of us had been waiting for The Proton Transmogrification, a Star Wars-inspired episode. We expected lots of fun, jokes and geeky references. What we weren’t expecting was a funeral, and seeing Sheldon like we saw him. This episode was a journey through geekiness and friendship from Sheldon’s point of view.


After they received the news of Arthur Jeffries’ passing, Leonard and Penny decide to go to the funeral. Penny was worried that she was starting to get most of the Star Wars references and felt like she wanted to go. Leonard, who didn’t succeed in convincing Sheldon to come along, went with her.

Even though we didn’t saw much of the funeral, we did get an opportunity to see more of Penny and Leonard’s relationship. They are finally OK with each other and even comfortable enough to cry in front of each other.  And if that wasn’t enough, they even started joking about their marriage proposals.

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“I love you but I don’t want to marry you”

Penny, Leonard and proposals had always meant tension, uncomfortableness and confusion. Now it doesn’t. When Leonard tells her that he regrets not saying yes when she asked him to marry her, Penny doesn’t freak out and just replies that “it just wasn’t the right time”. Leonard and Penny have actually learnt to see it as a game. Since Leonard has proposed to her twice and Penny once, she proposes again just to tie things up. But Leonard bothers her by actually considering it. After all, it’s all just played for fun and we can only hope that the next time we see a proposal, it’ll be for real.


tbbt - the daily fandom

Star Wars tees were all over the place!

The boys are all really excited for Star Wars day, especially Sheldon, who’s in charge of planning the whole day. With Penny gone, Amy and Bernadette decide to prepare a Death Star-looking cake for the boys, to show them that they actually care about their interests.

Since Professor Proton’s death had hit the group, Sheldon isn’t himself. He says he’s OK and that he doesn’t want to go to the funeral but he acts weird: he watches videos of Professor Proton on Youtube, he’s more quiet than usual… and then he gets upset at something stupid and goes to his bedroom (even if that means missing the party). Raj and Howard, who don’t know what to do, decide to give him some privacy and to start without him.

In his room, Sheldon is sleeping when he dreams about Arthur, who becomes Obi-Wan. Like Sheldon mentioned, he saw himself as Luke, and Arthur as Obi-Wan. Later in the dream, in Dagobah, Obi-wan does what he’s supposed to do and tries to guide Sheldon on how to feel about this death.

Sheldon: It’s like all the men I looked up to have gone away.
Arthur: It’s OK to be sad about them. Just make sure to appreciate those who are still there for you. (…) Appreciate them, Sheldon.

Sheldon wakes up to Leonard knocking in his room. While Leonard is speaking, Sheldon interrupts him by hugging him, intentionally. They don’t say anything about it because there’s nothing left to say. After Sheldon has grieved, they all go to the living room to watch the movies and Amy and Bernadette enter with the cake. Later on, when they’re all asleep, Arthur appears again in Obi-wan mode to tell him that he’s there whenever he needs him.

tbbt - the daily fandom

Sheldon: Why do I need you now?
Arthur: You fell asleep watching Star Wars and now you’re dreaming you’re watching Star Wars. Don’t you see a problem there? How you’re spending your limited time on Earth?
Sheldon: Not at all.

This episode was, after all, a celebration of fandom and geekiness. Lots of us felt outraged when Amy considered the Star Wars marathon “a waste of time”. Because people don’t get to tell us how to live our lives and how much should we like something. Sheldon has his way of living his life and he’s lucky he’s got this people who are there to support him and love him no matter what. And appreciating them, was the best advice Arthur/Obi-Wan could have given to Sheldon/Luke.


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