The Attack on Titan fandom is known for being one of the most passionate, dedicated and crazy fandoms in the anime world. We are talking about a fandom that, despite still having a monthy on-going manga, is currently suffering from starvation due to the incredibly hiatus until Season 2. Not for nothing we have previously compared this fandom to the Sherlock fandom! This is probably why the Attack on Titan fandom is one of the most creative fandoms there is. Today we are going to be covering one of its most famous fan projects, the web series The Pompeii Project.

The Pompeii Project is a completed 8-episode-long Reincarnation AU featuring canon characters Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Marco, Levi, Hanji and Erwin. In the story, 2,000 years have passed since the story of Attack on Titan took place. Somehow, all the characters have been reincarnated in the modern world. For reasons unknown, some characters remember their previous life while others don’t. To protect those who don’t remember, Mikasa, Levi, Erwin and Hanji created 3 ground rules: “One, don’t tell anyone before they remember. Two, try to avoid them to avoid triggering memories for them. Three, let them remember on their own”.

The web series was inspired by Bastille’s Pompeii and created by students with different creative skills such as graphic design, photography, writing, costume design and acting. The web series was funded in October 2014 thanks to other fans through their Kickstarter campaign.

This is the first promo that was released:

So now you know, if you have run out of fanfiction in the wait for Season 2, you can watch all episodes of The Pompeii Project on their Youtube channel. Anime-only watchers beware, as there are some spoilers from the manga!