Series Spotlight: The Para-Psychic World of Harmony

Series Spotlight: The Para-Psychic World of Harmony 5
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If you’re looking for a book series, several actually, that feature exotic creatures, paranormal ghost hunters, and people with psychic abilities look no further than the world of Harmony. Throughout the course of several series and trilogies, author Jayne Castle, also known as Jayne Ann Krentz, has built a detailed, futuristic world to get lost in and explore.

Picture a world like ours. Now add alien technology, mysterious catacombs, ghosts that are both natural and psychically created, and you’ve got Harmony. Not only is the world engaging, Castle’s characters are grounded, funny, and interesting. Put that together with a series of mysteries about the world and you’ve got several great stories to pick from. They include the Dreamlight series, the Ghost Hunter series, the Rainshadow series, and others found on Castle’s website.

Welcome To The World Of Harmony

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The world of Harmony was discovered when a rift, called a Curtain, opened near Earth. This allowed for easy, practical interstellar travel, which many people took advantage of. They arrived at Harmony, bringing with them all the technology and conveniences of home. After a time, the Curtain unexpectedly closed, leaving many stranded on Harmony. Still, the people adapted, survived, and created a thriving community filled with cities, towns, businesses, and a form of government.

200 years later, the current citizens of Harmony are thriving, combining alien technology from the world’s previous inhabitants with their own. There are four main cities, each overseen by its own Guild. A Ghost Hunter guild. Under the buzzing cities are mysterious emerald-like catacombs where new discoveries are being made. And people are getting lost. With the existence of psychic ghosts underground, ghost hunters keep the people safe. They also ensure some secrets and discoveries stay within the Guild.

With more of the world being discovered as time goes on, who has control over new information and new artifacts can either be beneficial or deadly, to the people of Harmony.

The Citizens of Harmony

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The Guild is only one facet of the world of Harmony. The Ghost Hunters themselves are another. After generations of citizen grew up on Harmony and were exposed to the world’s para-psychic influences, people started to show signs of their own psychic abilities. The skills vary from person to person. Ghost Hunters can create psychic ghosts and fight off natural ones. Other abilities are less common and are revealed throughout the course of each series and book.

Something simple like turning on a light, or resizing a light as they call it, takes no effort. However, creating something like a ghost requires extra energy. That’s why most people in the world of Harmony wear amber. Tuned amber. When these para-psychic abilities are used in full force, they “burn amber” in order to control their abilities. Of course, this has side effects and people tend to crash and burn afterward, leading to some interesting situations if they’re not in a safe place.

The ability to burn amber and have a ready supply is something of a status statement in Harmony. Those who are Ghost Hunters join the Guild and are essentially considered untouchable. Even the police tend to bow out when encountering “Guild business,” although not happily. Those who aren’t Ghost Hunters find other ways to use their powers, run businesses, and go about their lives as normal. Sometimes. Sometimes they turn to a life of crime.

The Creatures of Harmony

Being a completely different world than Earth, the world of Harmony is filled with new animal life. Besides the psychic ghosts, there are Dusty Bunnies. That’s right. Dust Bunnies. They’re essentially small puffs of fur with four stumpy legs which they use to scamper, eat with, or perch on the shoulder of their human companion. They’re adorable until threatened. As they say, when you see the teeth, it’s too late. When friendly the Dust Bunnies have two eyes, but when in hunting mode a second set of eyes appears. They may be small, but they are vicious.

Not much is known about the Dust Bunnies. They do, however, tend to form tight bonds when they find a human they connect with. Not exactly pets, but very much still wild animals. They are fiercely protective of their human and we can’t get enough of them. Who wouldn’t want a Dust Bunny companion?

World of Harmony books
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The dynamics of the Guild, the world of Harmony, and the para-psychic abilities the citizens of this world have made for a great escape and an exciting mystery. Best of all, when you’re done with one series, you can pick up another and continue living in Harmony.

There are power struggles, ethical dilemmas, romances, murders, robberies, and scattered bits of humor to appeal to any paranormal or fantasy reader. Just pick a series, and step through the Curtain to Harmony.

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