There are many changes taking place in the tech space. In the interest of interconnectivity, or convenience, or consumer friendliness, it seems that many new barriers are being lifted. For those of us interested in modern-day tech developments, this can feel like a fantastic topic to grapple with. However, let us use a microcosm to explore just how barriers are being broken. Shenmue, perhaps one of the most celebrated Dreamcast titles lost to time, was only accessible by those who were able to find a working console and found its place on PC storefronts, with upscale resolution and new controller support.

Power Your Dreams with Xbox Series X, Available Holiday (2020).
Power Your Dreams with Xbox Series X, Available Holiday (2020)

For those who tracked this game’s development history, something as intense as this was a stunning development and shows that borders are starting to fall. It seems that cultural changes, such as anime becoming more mainstream and celebrated by huge celebrities such as Michael B. Jordan, contribute and spread the art form we love so much. As part of this excitable passion, we hope to explore some other means in which tech developments could influence our culture for the better.

Deep Learning In Development

Deep learning promises to bring us many new and exciting developments. Through the use of high end deep learning workstations, AI progress, machine learning, and programming algorithms can proceed at warp speed. However, you may have already heard of responsive text generators, AI home assistants, image caption generators, or even subtitling possibilities that come from this exciting new technology.

PlayStation (2020)
PlayStation (2020)

Those of us interested in the translation of beautiful anime content may find this an exciting new prospect. It could potentially allow more of our favorite titles to become localized without the burning need for humble studios to invest in translators.

Gaming Borders

Gaming borders between communities are starting to dissolve. In many titles now, multiplayer possibilities exist between platforms such as the Xbox, Playstation and PC storefronts allowing this kind of unity. It’s quite humbling to see just how much possibility there is in this approach; how studios can leverage the good nature of mutual play to curate amazing experiences for the future. To that end, worthwhile standards can lead to exponential innovation.

New Tech Initiatives

Coding jobs, localization efforts for software and media of all kinds, cybersecurity opportunities and many other careers perfect for those of us who enjoy applying our practical knowledge and doing so in a field we find interesting, are now starting to open up.

From government subsidies encouraging new people to contribute to the games industry (through tax rebates) or by taking programming courses additionally subsidized by local government, many tech initiatives allow you to bring the best of your own talents and hobbies and potentially turn those skills into a lucrative digital career.

For those interested in this, following these programs may be an unprecedented path to some kind of renewed professional progress. With these examples, we hope to show just how the face of tech is changing, and how you may ride the crest of that wave for your own benefit, perhaps individually, or perhaps within your own set of interests.