The much-anticipated season finale of The Mindy Project, ‘Homewrecker’, was a mixed bag to say the least. On the one hand, there was a continuation of the Mindy/Jody story arc that we all expected. On the other, Danny’s re-emergence threw a wrench into that budding romance.


Firstly, let’s talk about Jody. Although he’s pretty much the last person I expected Mindy to date, their chemistry is undeniable. Season 4B steadily built up their mutual attraction, which culminated in an adorable kiss two weeks ago. The whole chlamydia ordeal was a low point in their relationship, but Jody made a concerted effort to patch things up in the finale. After a botched attempt to build Mindy an apology closet, he ended up buying her an apology apartment. This was the ultimate indicator of why they’d be a good match: the apartment wasn’t a ploy to put Mindy in his debt, it was purely to make life easier for her and Leo. It also showcases Jody’s emotional growth this season, as he’s now open to the prospect of a serious relationship. His confession about being in love with Mindy was the perfect cherry on top of the character-development cake.

While we saw why Mindy/Jody would work as a couple, there was no such evidence for Mindy and Danny. Danny is still set in his sexist ways; he views Mindy not as an individual, but as ‘the mother of my child’. Given all of this, I don’t understand why the writers thought it necessary to reinstate him as a love interest. The trapped-in-an-elevator scenario would have been a good opportunity the pair to get some closure. Instead, they slept together and their issues remained unresolved. Danny’s absence in Season 4B meant there was no indication that he and Mindy would get back together. As such, his “I love you” to her at the end of the episode was out of the blue – Mindy reciprocating it was even weirder.

It’s because of this that the plotline being set up seems like a cop out. There’s no contest between Jody and Danny. Mindy/Jody has been foreshadowed for most of the season, Mindy/Danny has not; Jody has become a better person, Danny has not; and the list continues. There’s no way that Mindy should even be conflicted about who to choose. If the writers wanted a convincing love triangle, there should have been more interaction between Mindy and Danny in the lead-up to the finale. We haven’t been given a reason to like Danny again, so why should we support this ship?

These problems aside, ‘Homewrecker’ was an enjoyable episode that clearly laid the foundations for next season. The show started out with Mindy’s search for love, and by this time next year we might know who her endgame is.