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‘The Mind’s Eclipse’ Sci-Fi Visual Novel Game (Preview)

The Mind's Eclispe

“Explore a fallen utopia. Find your loved ones. Beware COSy”.​

The Mind’s Eclipse is an adventure, science fiction visual novel narrative-driven videogame coming in Fall 2016. In the game, you are Jonathan Campbell, a genius scientist who must rely on a playful but mysterious AI (L) to help him find his loved ones in the ruins of a fallen utopia. The environment is interactive, allowing the player to find and use items to unlock new areas, read messages and journals to uncover the mysteries of the Eclipse and even befriend a mysterious AI who will help you search for your loved ones. It’s a single-player game and, so far, it’s only available in English.
‘The Mind’s Eclipse’ got recently greenlit by Valve on Steam and the demo is already available for download. The demo allows for around 15-20 minutes of gameplay and is available on PC, Mac and Linux. TC Robson will be playing it on TDF Gaming soon, so look out for our Youtube channel!
Perhaps the thing that stands out the most for now is that the game is visually appealing: every scene and background has been beautifully hand-drawn, offering a different experience than what we are used to in these type of storytelling-based videogames. Judging from what has been released from the demo so far, it involves an implementation of technology with man via implants, and though they only begin to touch on this when the demo ends, TC Robson believes it’s leaning in the direction of having this technology as the main cause of death and destruction. If you want to make your own guess, you can download the demo HERE while we wait for the final product.
Check out the gameplay trailer down below:

You can also follow the team for more updates and notifications on their Facebook and Twitter.

EDIT: Here’s our demo gameplay!

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