The Man Who Made The Monster In Jughead the Hunger #10

Jughead the Hunger #10

Just as Riverdale begins to become a quiet town once again (Jughead the Hunger #10), a new creature starts to roam the streets at night. He is huge, strong and protective; he is Frankenmoose! We last left Riverdale in the early stages of a mystery. Someone was digging up bodies and Betty Cooper decided to investigate this unusual event. As she was about to uncover this graverobber, she was kidnapped by the creature Frankenmoose and his creator, Dilton Doyle.

What do these two have planned for Riverdale and what will they do next? This issue may not answer every burning question, but it will add to the mystery of this frightening duo. Buckle up, because Jughead the Hunger #10 is a great page-turning chapter in this series that no one can put down.

The Meat Of Jughead the Hunger #10

This issue begins with Midge in a car with a man named Frankie. She thanks him for a wonderful time, but is going to head home. Midge begins to explain that she is still not over the death of her boyfriend, Moose. As she is about to leave Frankie grabs her by forcing her to talk with him in the car just a bit longer. Just then a thud hits the roof of the car, and the roof gets ripped off. Frankenmoose appears and throws Frankie into the night sky. Midge screams and runs and Moose chases after her. As she begins to defend herself, Frankenmoose mutters “Midge.”

Jughead the Hunger #10
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #10, Archie Comics, 2018.

Suddenly, an alarm rings in Frankenmoose’s head and he runs away from Midge. At this moment Jughead and Archie are on the hunt to find Betty. Jughead uses his nose to track Betty to an abandoned Riverdale Insane Asylum. When they are about to venture inside the hospital, Jughead hears a ring in his ear and begins to change. During all these events Betty wakes up in an insane asylum. She sneaks out of the room to find a man in a hoodie. This leads to a twist that will leave readers shocked and scratching their heads. That was until both Frankenmoose and Jughead burst into the asylum ready to attack each other.

These next two sections will spoil the big twist of Jughead the Hunger #10 if you would like to read the issue first then skip these sections. This issue is very well-written and deserves a read if you can.

Whose Under The Hoodie?

Jughead the Hunger #10
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #10, Archie Comics, 2018.

When Betty sneaks into the Asylum, it is a very eerie moment. Readers are in Betty’s shoes as she does this throughout the hospital, not knowing what’s around the corner. Then a figure in a hoodie appears in front of her. Instead of the figure attacking her, it gives Betty a gun to kill it. Suddenly, Dilton appears to reveal that he is actually Dilton’s cousin, Milton.

Milton then reveals that the figure is a Frankenstein version of Dilton. The art in these panels is executed beautifully, especially the facial reveal of Frankendilton. This plot point and unveil just feels very unmatched to the rest of the story. As readers know from the first issue of the series, Jughead killed Dilton on his Riverdale rampage. As the writing for this series has been excellent, there could have probably been another way to do this scene. It would have been interesting to see a dark version of Dilton as Dr. Frankenstein. He could have survived the attack and been so fascinated with the paranormal that led him to do things to his cousin and Moose.

Identical Cousins, All The Way

This leads to the next strange occurrence in this reveal, Dilton and Milton are identical cousins. It is understandable for families to look alike, but identical? It works on television shows, but hereabouts it just seemed like a tacked-on-twist. If it was Dilton making monsters, that would have been enough. In that scene, though, Milton sounds a bit reluctant when he is revealing who he was and says:

“I’m his ah…shall we say…cousin.”

Jughead the Hunger #10
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #10, Archie Comics, 2018.

Hopefully, this means there is more to the reveal than what readers are observing here. Maybe this Milton was a clone of Dilton gone crazy, and Dilton figured out the secret to cloning people. Either way, Frank Tieri writes very favorably, and there will most likely be a bigger reveal by the end of the arc. At least we can hope.

The Rise Of The Frankenmoose

With countless squeals and reimaginings, many are fascinated by Frankenstein’s Monster. Bringing creatures back from beyond the grave is a very intriguing concept. As the monster is one of the faces of classic horror, it was a pleasant surprise that this creature would be apart of the Jughead series. Frankenmoose is the perfect reimagining of this classic character.

Who knew that Moose would be great as a creature? Moose is not just a rampaging monster attacking the city in this story, though, he is actually a slight version of a guardian angel. When readers meet this big guy he is the muscle for Dilton, but when he is free to roam he goes to find Midge to protect her from a real life monster.

Jughead the Hunger #10
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #10, Archie Comics, 2018.

The character was interesting already, but the point where Frankenmoose gets truly fascinating is when he says Midge’s name. This reveals that even though he looks like a monster, he has all of the memories of his past life. This could lead to a horror version of Beauty and the Beast. It is really intriguing that he has his old memories because in many versions of Frankenstein the creature never has memories of his old life.

Dilton could actually be Dr. Frankenstein’s successor. He was able to fully bring someone back from the dead that remembers their life. This is truly fascinating about the character, but also for the narrative moving forward. Hopefully, this information plays a bigger role in the future with bringing the dead back to life successfully.

Should You Read Jughead the Hunger #10?

Jughead the Hunger has been a series that never lets its fans down. Yes, there are little hurdles every so often, but the main story is written so well that they don’t ruin the main plot. Every issue gets better as the series progresses and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Especially now that it looks like there is going to be a huge brawl between Werewolf Jughead and Frankenmoose, which is exciting.

Jughead the Hunger #10
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #10, Archie Comics, 2018.

As I thought the series was going to only focus on Jughead being a werewolf and finish after the first arc, this issue proves there are more stories to tell in this version of Riverdale. That is why it’s a hit ongoing series. All the characters are written so excellently that I always want to see what happens next. Even though I did have a problem with the Dilton limitation; the sections that featured Archie, Jughead, Midge, and Moose were the highlights of the issue.

After ten issues this series still feels fresh and exciting, and I would have to say, again, that Frank Tieri is doing an exceptional job. There are so many actions, twists, and comedies, in every issue, but this issue has become a big page turner because it has a great mixture of everything. If you’re loving the series as much as I am, you should not skip on this issue. Trust me, you will not want to put this book down and like always this issue will leave you hungry for more.

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