The Man of Steel #5

Bendis’ Rollercoaster Ride Continues In The Man of Steel #5 [Review]

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DC has been building up the hiring of Brian Michael Bendis for the past few months now. Not to mention what felt like an ad on every other page for his first Superman series, The Man of Steel with the most recent release The Man of Steel #5.

There have been 3 storylines going on throughout the series, and we will touch on all of them. The first 2 issues of this series I found to be a lot of fun, but since then it’s been a slow slide downhill.

The Man of Steel #5
Credit: The Man of Steel #5 of 6 (DC Entertainment)

The Man Of Steel On The Moon

The issue starts with Superman doing his best to get Rogol Zaar away from Earth. This plan goes south real fast. Rogol Zaar defeats Superman with ease and leaves him in a pile of rubble on the moon. Though I am not the biggest fan of Adam.

The Man of Steel #5
Credit: The Man of Steel #5 of 6 (DC Entertainment)

Hughes art in this scene, he adds a cool color effect where whenever Superman gets hit the panel turns dark red to exaggerate the power behind the hit.

Family Matters

Last issue we got the reveal of who the mystery character was in Superman’s flashbacks. Superman’s father Jor-El has come to the Kent house to retrieve not Clark but his son Jon. Jor-El intends to show Jon not only the galaxy but the history of the Kryptonian side of him.

Bendis and artist Jason Fabok give us a tense scene between Clark, Lois, and Jor-El, which would be the case for anyone put in this scenario. Despite the refusal from his parents, Jon declares that he is going.

Fire Hazard

The story continues with what has been my favorite storyline of the series, the mystery behind the “random” acts of arson around Metropolis. New deputy chief of Metropolis fire department Melody Moore stares at a map of all the locations where fires have happened searching for a pattern. We see the department receive another call for yet another fire.

As they arrive we see Supergirl is already on the scene, followed shortly by the Justice League. The league and Kara discuss what has been happening. The dialogue here by Bendis is not great. There doesn’t seem to be that sense of urgency to find who or what is behind the arson attacks. Kara also suddenly realizes where Superman is without any explanation. She takes off to retrieve Superman and return him to the hall of justice.

No Kryptonians Aloud

We continue with Superman in a hospital bed located at the hall of justice. Adam Hughes’ art and coloring really hurt this scene. For some reason, the only things in color were the characters themselves. Everything in the background is left in grey and white. There is not a considerable amount of detail in the characters or panels as well.

This all with the annoying out of character dialogue from the flash makes it hard to read this scene. The League discusses to determine why Rogol Zaar wants to destroy all Kryptonians. Suddenly Superman and Batman simultaneously realize what Zaars plan is.

The Man of Steel #5
Credit: The Man of Steel #5 of 6 (DC Entertainment)

Superman’s takes off and drives through the Earths crust all the way down to the core. Superman discovers that Zaar had to destroy Krypton because Kryptonians lived on it. The same has to be done to Earth.

Final Thoughts For The Man of Steel #5

After enjoying the first 2 issues of this series, it has slowly become more and more disappointing. I am not a fan of having multiple artists work on a single issue. I believe it can take away from the realistic feel you want in a story. Bendis’ dialogue can be a bit cute and corny at times which makes some of the characters hard to take seriously at the same time.

It looks as if we will be seeing a battle between Superman and Rogol Zaar. With one issue remaining in the mini-series, it’ll be interesting to see all the multiple storylines come to their conclusion.