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The Late Nell Avery is an original transmedia web series that follows a college student and the ghost who is haunting her. The series is a vlog-style show and it could be seen as “a cross between Supernatural and Carmilla. Enjoy those two series? Then keep reading!

So what is it really about?
Cassie is a student that is “99.9999% sure” that her apartment is haunted so she decides to record it as some sort of “ghost- documentation project”. Along with her roommates, Felix and Corinne, she’s gonna be documenting the progress (or lack of progress) that she has with the ghost. The first episode offers its first twist here, as you would expect to see only Cassie and her roommates’ point of view. However, the ghost, Nell, makes an appearance when she realises that she can be seen on camera, even though she looks transparent. She starts speaking to the audience while Cassie is asleep.

the late nell avery

And this is what I found most interesting and what possible distinguishes the web series from other ghost/paranormal series. In this story, we get to see Nell’s take on the situation and we get to explore her past life and her feelings. She’s not a ghost that messes with Cassie just on purpose. She has existential doubts and is as human as Cassie can be. In that sense, the camera works as some sort of mirror in which, during the morning we have Cassie and her roommates, and during night, we have Nell’s side. Both Cassie and Nell use their time to react to each other’s actions and reflect on the situation.

I would say give it, at least, 2-3 episodes, as the series gets better as you start learning more about these characters and, especially, Nell. The series also includes many pop culture references including Supernatural, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Monsters INC and even some Tumblr references (“It does not matter how slowly you ghost, so long as you do not stop”).

There have been 8 episodes released until now. Each episode airs on Thursdays on their Youtube channel and they are usually around 3 minutes long. Yes, it’s super easy to catch up. So what are you waiting for?

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Cassie’s Twitter | Nell’s Twitter | Felix’s Twitter | Corinne’s Twitter


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