The Kissing Booth is the 2018 British rom-com that was released on Netflix on May 11th, 2018. The Kissing Booth was directed by Vince Marcello, based on the novel of the same name by Beth Reekles. The Kissing Booth stars newbie actor Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn, Joey King as Elle Evans, and Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn.

What brings this film to many viewers eyes would be Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn. Everyone knows Molly Ringwald from the 80s and any film she is in just has to be good, right? Well, we will see in The Kissing Booth. Although, she’s only in there for two credible scenes…

Slow Sailing, But… Still Promising

The Kissing Booth begins slow, about fifteen minutes in you get a ton of character development. At least for the three main characters, Noah, Elle, and Lee. We get the entire background of Elle and Lee’s friendship in about five minutes.

Between that, we understand and gather she has a crush on Noah. In between all of that, we get that Elle grew boobs since middle school (which usually happens). The beginning of The Kissing Booth after that is pretty slow sailing.

The Kissing Booth
The Kissing Booth, Netflix Entertainment 2018.

You get the whole love-hate relationship between Elle and Noah; however, she is not allowed to like Noah because Lee doesn’t allow it. It’s rule #9. Rule #2 is always keep secrets between themselves. Noah fights guys for Elle and Lee, mostly Elle. Noah looks at Elle a certain way. And, above all else, Noah gets jealous when a guy asks her out.

Elle agrees to go on a date with the guy that slapped her butt in her short skirt, but, in turn, she gets stood up. Again, even Lee — at this point — is concerned as to why she is going on this date. But, eventually seems okay with the idea. The guy then goes on to say that Noah Flynn has told him and every other guy nearly in school not to ask out Elle.

The reason being, “everyone is a player.” Noah, of course, knows this because he is a player too, right? Common knowledge that a player would stop his “sister-like” friend from dating other players. Well, now that she has boobs he is stopping everyone from asking her out.

As if he was waiting for the exact moment she got boobs to start liking her? Hm, Noah — I am onto you. Nonetheless, the entire school faculty and students are all players, how ironic, right Noah?

Red Flags, Elle Run!

If a guy forces everyone at your school to avoid looking at you or even to avoid giving you a second glance because “every guy is wrong for you” that’s problematic. Not just for the reason that he is forcing every guy to not date you, but for the fact that it’s controlling and just not cute. This movie glorifies the idea of controlling as romance, and that is simply not the case. That was red flag one.

Controlling someone’s mind to think you don’t like them by constantly saying “you’re like a sister to me” but also making a comment about their boobs is problematic. Not in the same way as above, but in a way that it gives someone mixed signals. You are forcing them to think you don’t like them so you can keep them at the edge of your feet when you do come around and show endearment. Such as kissing them at the kissing booth in front of everyone. Then saying “it was just a kiss.” 

The Kissing Booth
The Kissing Booth, Netflix Entertainment 2018.

Basically, the entire film is spent with Noah controlling Elle. Telling her where she can and can’t go, what she can and can’t do, because he likes her in actuality. Nonetheless, if a guy did that in real life, you would run away. Far away. That is the biggest red flag ever. But, in a fictional universe, this is obviously okay. However, if you see this or in a relationship like this, run. 

Plotholes In The Kissing Booth

Throughout The Kissing Booth, the viewer is left rooting for Lee instead of Noah. At least, that is what we did. Lee is the perfect friend, the perfect boyfriend, and he’s super supportive. While he is the bystander, the one that is overlooked and likes someone else — he is dreamy.

He helps Elle when she needs it, gives her hangover kits (how cute!) and even gives her rides anywhere she wants to go. He is an insanely good guy and super understanding. Throughout the film, however, Elle doesn’t come off as an awkward Junior in High School. She wears crops tops, she decent looking (pretty even!) and she wears cute bras.

There is nothing exceptionally awkward about her, other than her embarrassing herself all the time. We know why she has never had a boyfriend or a first kiss — but, she’s a very pretty high schooler. So, it doesn’t add up to the storyline of the film.


Also, do people still do kissing booths? I mean, kissing random guys or girls at a kissing booth is definitely 2003. And, schools do not even approve of that at carnivals anymore because it’s literally kissing people at a school fair for charity and kids in high school at that.

The Idea Of The Demographic Is Troubling…

Now, obviously, this movie is geared towards like twelve-year-olds. I don’t think the demographic is twenty-year-olds. However, we don’t really think the demographic should be twelve-year-olds either. There are times in The Kissing Booth, such as when Noah and Elle kiss for the second time after it is raining she kisses Noah quickly. Noah then pushes her off and kisses her again.

Which is a really weird problematic attempt to be the one who controls the kissing situation. Noah has to be the one who kisses her all the time. Not the other way around. Again, this could be us thinking too much into the rom-com. Maybe it’s supposed to make twelve-year-olds think this is healthy? This happens again at the beach party. Elle is being dragged away by a guy she does not want to hang out with and Noah comes to save the day.

The Kissing Booth
The Kissing Booth, Netflix Entertainment 2018.

He beats the guy up real quick and as Elle is running away he tells her to get back in the car. He then slams really loud on the hood of the car and practically forces Elle to get back into the car. Which she does (still uncertain as to why). This makes Noah comes off as… not necessarily abusive, but temperamental. It’s not cute to always beat up guys for a girl, shows you have anger issues and, that, my friend, is another red flag.

Other Rough Points In The Kissing Booth

The green screen is also pretty bad. When they are in the car around 56 minutes, the green screen is horrible. You can tell that they are in front of one. Around this same time, when Elle realizes that she is not going home… Noah says, “he wants to show her something.” How about you just take her home, dude?

The Kissing Booth was shot in the United Kingdom, so they probably didn’t have Los Angeles landscapes on the go ready to film in. However, it would have been nice if they filmed in Los Angeles considering this is a plot based in L.A. And, loophole — they really had coitus on the Hollywood sign? That’s the most unrealistic thing to use a green screen for.

One point — loved the mention or hint of safe sex. Elle, in The Kissing Booth, was buying condoms for her and Noah. Great. Loved that. Another loophole, she’s never had a boyfriend or kissed anyone before Noah, which is fine. That also means she would be a maiden. Which is also fine. For the twelve-year-olds watching the film, you do not have to have coitus immediately. You also don’t have to keep having it if you don’t like it. Just a PSA for the younger audience.

Elle & Lee = Best Actors In The Kissing Booth

The fact that Elle lied to her best friend the entire film is atrocious, they are supposed to be best friends — tied at the hip, and she just lies to him so effortlessly. Granted, Joey King and Joel Courtney are the only bearable characters in this movie acting wise.

The acting makes this movie bearable and even then you kind of want to turn it off regardless of if they are great in it or not. They don’t have enough to save the movie, unfortunately. Regardless of that, they have a perfect dynamic on screen. I would have liked to see Elle and Lee get together.

They just were so much better than Elle and Noah in our humble opinion. Although Lee is quite selfish when it comes to Elle and Noah, we guess he means well? The movie does not have much of the father and brother in it from Elle’s side.

Elle treats her dad pretty horrible throughout The Kissing Booth, for the most part, in a rebellious teenage kind of way we suppose. Still, nonetheless, he was the least bit deserving of being lied to and being treated that way by his daughter. He was trying his hardest.

Sadly… It Is A Skip, But A Good Attempt?

Overall, The Kissing Booth is sub-par for a rom-com flick. Especially Netflix made rom-com flick. You might not enjoy it as an A+ movie like ones we have reviewed before, but you’ll get at least forty-five minutes in before you want to turn it off. It is just unrealistic and sloppy in terms of script. Everything just happens too fast in some regard.

The Kissing Booth directed by Vince Marcello.