The Joys Of Questing In The Sunken Tower

Cover art for The Sunken Tower

Ever wonder what it would be like to get kidnapped by a cult hell-bent on raising their evil monstrous overlord? Well, if The Sunken Tower written, illustrated, and colored by Tait Howard with lettering by Aditya Bidikar has anything to say about it, it’s not actually as bad as you might think. Being sacrificed is no fun, but it could all be worth it for the friendships you make along the way! The Sunken Tower follows the lonely Digby as he tries to survive his recent kidnapping alongside new friends and foes. What wonders will Digby discover on his quest?

A Healthy Helping Of Cave Surprise

Some heroes stumble upon their latest quest or adventure, and before they know it both are thrust into a world waiting just beneath the surface. In the case of young Digby (just Dig to his friends), he didn’t so much stumble, instead he gets tied up and thrown into the adventure. While scrounging for food one day, Dig gets kidnapped and taken below ground by several members of a blood cult. Their mission is to resurrect an ancient magical monster, and, unfortunately for Dig, they need sacrifices to do it.

The mental illustrations of Crina's plan to escape the sunken tower.
Gotta love a well thought out, beautifully illustrated escape plan.
Tait Howard, The Sunken Tower, Oni Press (2019).

Tied up in a cell, Dig meets the two other soon-to-be sacrifices, Iana and Crina. Together Crina, Iana, and Dig come up with a plan to escape the blood cult and find their way back to the surface world. With the help of Digs rather newfound magical abilities, Iana’s skills with a blade, and Crina’s wit, they just might have what it takes to escape the sunken tower.

The Sunken Tower Filled With Laughter

If you love magic, quests, cults, or friendships formed through survival, you’ll love The Sunken Tower. Even if you aren’t a huge adventure fan, there’s a lot to love about this comic. Considering this comic centers around a group of people escaping a cult, you’d expect things to be fairly serious, or at least suspenseful, but that really isn’t the case here. In fact, The Sunken Tower is honestly a riot from start to finish. If you’re looking for some pee-your-pants laughter and joy, then you have to pick it up.

“The Time For Logic Is Over!”

With names like Digby, Iana, and Crina, you know they’ve got to be good for a laugh. All three characters work great together, both in survival and in creating hilarity. I mean, Iana and Crina placing bets on how many cultists Iana can take down in one blow? Classic. When Digby decides it might be better to give up and die than to keep climbing stairs I felt for him in my very soul.

The blood cult's handy dandy sacrificial pamphlet
Nothing helps me come to terms with blood magic quite like a pamphlet.
Tait Howard, The Sunken Tower, Oni Press (2019).

Also, while our main characters certainly have their funny quips and moments, one of the things that makes The Sunken Tower so hilarious is the blood cult. From the very set-up of their organization to the wonderful interactions between members, this blood cult knows how to put the fun back into blood magic.

Monsters, Murder, & Magic, Oh My

Alongside the dialogue between all these great characters is the artwork to really bring things home. Everything is so bright and friendly, despite the dangerous situations on every page.

A look at the character designs for The Sunken Tower
I mean, just look at them all!
Tait Howard, The Sunken Tower, Oni Press (2019).

The members of the death cult, though all clothed in deep red cloaks, all have different character designs and bright colors, really clearing up any uncertainty about the ridiculousness of their characterizations. Iana, Crina, and Dig are the most human-looking of the creatures beneath the surface, and their contrasting appearances compared to their surroundings make it obvious they don’t belong in such a relatively dreary place.

A Great Pick Me Up: The Sunken Tower

All in all, The Sunken Tower is an absolute joy to read. With so many dark and gritty things to read, it’s nice to pick something up that’s pleasant and entertaining all the way through. There is still so much I don’t know about this world and these characters, but I love their story and am hopeful for more. If you’re looking for something to brighten your day and make you laugh, then you absolutely must pick up a copy of The Sunken Tower.

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