‘The Hart Siblings’ Web Series Is All About Sibling Love

The Hart Siblings
The Hart Siblings (2018)

The Hart Siblings is a new web series you should know about; I know, I say that about every web series but this one is about siblings! You never knew you wanted to appreciate your siblings more until you watch this web series. The Hart Siblings is all about siblings, but the fun times you have with your siblings.

This web series follows the comically trivial day-to-day lives of two childlike and geeky siblings in their twenties. The series has premiered on YouTube (in the summer of 2017) and now the series is on Vimeo On Demand for season two. The second season will conclude March 23rd, 2018.

The Hart Siblings Is Worth The Watch, We Promise!

The Hart Siblings is semi-autobiographical because… the creators of the series and the actors in the web series are actually siblings. Cool, right? They are actual brother and sister, so the dynamic you see on screen is somewhat personal.

Daniel and Katie Hart are the stars of the series and they do a wonderful job at it. Probably because they are actually related. The web series follows the petty attempts to behave like ‘responsible’ adults, despite them being like children at heart.

The only thing they can agree on is… a shared love of geek culture. They bicker nonstop and can turn even the simplest of everyday situations into a crisis. Talk about melodramatic, in a funny way.

Real Life Siblings Bicker On Camera, Too!

The Hart Siblings is a light-hearted and family-friendly comedic web series. It brings out the kid in all of us, come on, you know you have one.

It has been said that the second season is even better than the first — and, that is saying a lot. This web series has even earned the ‘Daily Staff Pick’ from our friends at Stareable.com.

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