The Fog

The Fog Drifts Over In 4K October 26th! [Non-4K Review]

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The Fog
The Fog by John Carpenter
The Fog is a Metaphor for Death
We're lucky to see John Carpenter's The Fog in celebration of its 4K release; with the restoration done by Studiocanal. A haunting revenge tale offers up some beautiful colors.
Solid Casting in Actors and Actresses
Creepy Aura with Creepy Ghosts
Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eye
Lack of Super Interesting Characters as Expected

This review of The Fog is from the Standard Viewing Experience and not the 4K experience. However, you can find the 4K experience linked below to find your screening. Without further ado, let’s review The Fog!

An 80s supernatural horror about vengeful sea ghost returns to the screen. You’ll find this marine movie in beautiful 4K! The legendary John Carpenter’s second film — to involve Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis — debuts The Fog in its first-ever major restoration effort. You’ll find this movie hooked across select theatres starting October 26th!

To keep true to form, Studicanal’s 4K used the original camera negative. With color grading approved by the film’s cinematographer, Dean Cundey, you have the old team’s seal of approval. In fact, in 2013, Rialto Picture’s owner Bruce Goldstein bore a high honor by becoming the first person to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award For Film from George Eastman House. You can trust him not to fail.

The Fog

If your first interaction with this movie is the panned 2005 remake, give this cult classic a chance. You’ll find yourself surprised at the frightening aura and compelling characters. This small Californian coastal town with a dark past returns to your screen amidst a uniquely chilling feeling. A drifting fog and a campfire story foreshadow the dangers that will come from the past.

The Fog Is 80s Storytelling In True Supernatural Style

The motivations of the characters were enjoyable in The Fog. As a result, the characters react to the horrors in a logical manner. While they aren’t any stand-outs in terms of development, the acting itself is solid. I didn’t dislike any character in this movie and that is a strong sign for the horror genre.

Since human actors are usually cannon fodder for the spook, their performance is not as big of a worry. I appreciated the nuances in the acting. This particular movie brings an actual skill set to their ‘you’re about to be dead’ people. On the other hand, you may be put off by the fact that this one is a slow-burn. 

The Fog

The Fog does an outstanding job of facial expressions. In my opinion, you see this aspect best in Hal Holbrook as Father Malone. The strength of emotion in his blue eyes and facial movements are best seen in better coloring, due to having nicer contrasts in lighting. This is the potential for a 4K screening (since ours was standard, we assume this will be developed in the 4K).

The Cinematography In Hauntingly Dramatic Murders

The contrasts in lighting build the chilling atmosphere in The Fog. When it’s dark, the flashes of color are what push you onto the edge of your seat. There are moments where this piece does rely on its jump scares.

The Fog

However, the watcher will find that they’ll notice more details, than the shock of having something or someone pop out at them. The calming music, the drifting fog, and the Mariners can claw themselves into a watcher’s mind before they even know what hit them. We’d even go as far as to say that The Fog is beautiful.

The subtle details are satisfying because they blend to create a coherent design. The Fog has charm because it’s a real blast from the past that brings you right into the experience. You can feel your shoulder pads and your big hair magically manifest onto your body.

Should You Spend Your Time with The Fog

Besides being a renowned movie, The Fog is representative of the horror films in the 80s epoch. We are always receptive to history and this Halloween deserves an old treat. Studiocanal also treats The Fog with a respect a movie of its caliber warrants.

The Fog

Whether you’re an old fan or a new one, you’ll find a unique aspect to enjoy in its new 4K rendition out in major cities near you! You’ll see something you’ve never experienced before as a new fan. As an old fan, you’ll look at The Fog from a new perspective.

I hope to see you soon covered in the shadowy depths of the ocean. If you’re looking for other movies that might heighten your senses, we suggest also looking at our review for The Forest of Lost Souls.