Caitlin Snow has suddenly transformed from our sweet mild-manner scientist to a powerful metahuman, and not one that’s afraid of her powers either. Caitlin’s mother, Dr. Tannhauser, a biomedical engineer, makes a surprise appearance in the show, and yikes! She’s just as cold as her daughter can be, and much more distanced. Apparently, she hasn’t been in her life for more than just a few years, not even knowing that Caitlin had married Ronnie. But she is able to stop her daughter from almost killing one of her employees, who tried to trap her in order to further study her. Caitlin had frozen the man’s arm and would’ve finished him if her mother didn’t conveniently intervene.

And although this was a great way to showcase her growing power, what exactly was this scientist going to do? He obviously knew Caitlin had powerful abilities and could consume energy, and yet thought that locking a laboratory door would imprison her. He didn’t even bring any type of weapon to defend himself in case she retaliated. I’m not exactly sure why he was hired by a woman as smart as Dr. Tannhauser…

Elsewhere in The Flash, Caitlin isn’t the only one with a secret too big to hide. HR, our Earth-19 “Doctor” Harrison Wells has turned out to be a dupe. Yes, Earth-2 Harry called it. After multiple occasions of the scientists putting their minds together, Barry and Cisco quickly realize Wells, while overly nice, isn’t contributing to anything. Suspicious, Cisco looks through his stuff in an attempt to vibe him, finding some pen-like recording device. But HR catches him in the act and explains that he’s an eccentric author/scientist off in search of the next great story… hmph.

But the facade finally dies when Harry is unable to use a computer when the team is tracking down a literal monster. It turns out that he was the “face” and not the brains behind Earth-19’s S.T.A.R Labs. He provided innovative ideas, never carrying out the scientific parts himself. But after being exposed as a con man, he takes the chance to travel to Barry’s Earth and write a bestselling redeeming novel. In fact, he didn’t even solve the algorithm Harry and Cisco set forth- one of his scientists did. Despite all this, the team agrees to give him an opportunity to prove himself. And he does make great coffee… Even though I definitely miss Harry, I’d love to see how this more artistic member of the team will play out.

Now back at CCPD, Julian rats out on Barry’s absences to Captain Singh, and is quite disappointed that CCPD’s “golden boy” only receives a 15-second reprimand. But needing Julian’s samples on a recent case, Barry attempts to make amends, even going as far as to flatter him and request an internship. The two tentatively work together, but they quickly have a blowout when Barry tries to defend meta humans in front of Julian. But the Flash ends up saving Julian from almost killing a teenager, this week’s “villain.” Grateful, and willing to admit that his views might be wrong, he and Barry make up after a heart to heart. They even go out for a drink at the end of the episode.

However, while the writers are portraying Julian in a more positive light, something he says strikes me as eerily similar to Alchemy’s words. Julian shows how angry he is that metahumans waste all their potential and powers on petty things, much like how Alchemy said he was helping people realize their full potential. Hm, suspicious much? But I doubt Alchemy has the same ideals of using powers to make the world a better place like Julian said: are they really one and the same?

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