Jesse Quick and her father return from Earth-2 in ‘Magenta’ This is a moment comic fans have wanting to see ever since Jesse was introduced on the show: her as a speedster. For those of you who don’t know, Jesse Quick’s character originates from DC comics as the daughter of superheroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle.¬†

On the show, we know that the second particle accelerator in season 2 released dark matter that struck both Jesse and Wally West, resulting in her powers. So now the snarky Dr. Harrison Wells has to deal with a teenage speedster daughter, which is quite amusing to watch. But he’s not the only one that doesn’t seem too happy about the whole ordeal. Wally West is extremely disappointed when he realizes that he didn’t obtain super speed too. He even jumps in front of a car in an attempt to “jump start” his what-if powers. Thankfully, Jesse was able to speed him away before anyone was hurt. Barry seems especially frantic- giving a full out lecture after Wally was nearly run over. He’s afraid that what happened to Wally in Flashpoint would happen here in this timeline, especially if he becomes KidFlash.

Speaking of Flashpoint, Alchemy wrecks more havoc this episode, creating a new metahuman villain: Magenta. This allows for viewers to see how Alchemy reverts people back to their Flashpoint counterparts, and a chance to see Jesse in action! She’s clearly quite fast and ready to be out there on the field with Barry.

While it was quite exciting to see Jesse up and running, that’s about it for episode three! Overall this episode was quite relaxed and casual, but still full of drama and angst (Magenta isn’t your typical bad guy). The dynamic between Wells and the rest of the team is fun to watch, and his sense of humor refreshing. And while Jesse did help save the day, she hasn’t been dubbed an official hero yet by either the team or Central City. Yet, given the ultra awesome suit Harry gives her at the end, we’ll be seeing Jesse in costume next¬† time!