The Finale Before The Finale Goes Down In Blackbird #5

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We reviewed the first four issues from Blackbird (now on Blackbird #5) under Image Comics. If you thought we weren’t reliable, this is an indication that we must adore this series to keep reviewing each issue that comes out. (Spoiler alert, we do, we truly enjoy this series!) If you have yet to read our first four reviews, click here, here, here, and here to check them out.

Blackbird #5 is by Jen Bartel and Sam Humphries. (The layout artist is Paul Reinwand, the colorist is Triona Farrell, the letterer is Jodi Wynne, and the designer is Dylan Todd.) In the newest issue of Blackbird, we get some major Cabal business and Clint is back (and thank goodness because he is attractive). Nina is back and she is taking the Cabal world by storm, are you ready?

Here Is What You Missed In The Blackbird Series

Here we meet again in Blackbird #5. The issue before the season finale, and we won’t be able to take it. Here we meet Nina after we last saw her, if you want to know when and how we last saw her, head to our Blackbird #4 review. In the last four issues, we have figured out Nina’s mother was alive, she was actually magic, to begin with (or pending approval), and Clint and his family are all attractive and the head of the Westside, basically, the Zon Cabal. Nina is channeling her inner badassery and causing a ruckus for good reason. After all of that, that is where we end up.

Some Major Mommy & Daddy Issues In Blackbird #5

As if finding out her mother was still alive back in Blackbird #3 wasn’t enough, her sister is now officially alive as well. As of Blackbird #5, Marisa is alive and well and a… Paradragon?! Not only did her mother lie to her (Nina), but Marisa never wanted to be found either. Why are they keeping Nina out of this? Why isn’t Nina allowed to know anything? What kind of family is this?

In the issue before the season finale, we get a showdown (a tiny one) with Nina and Marisa. I love both of the characters, but Nina has a special place inside my heart. She is similar to me. I can see myself inside of her and that is what makes her a special main character throughout this series.

The Consistency Of Writing & Art

That is what makes the writing so spectacular throughout, the voice and prose work that the creators have created for these characters. It is quite lovely that Jen Bartel and Sam Humphries created such a wonderful voice for the characters. We have praised the art thus far, and we won’t quit either, the art is consistent. Blackbird #5 is consistent with the fact that it is always gorgeously drawn, colored, and illustrated, and it is always brilliantly written.

You couldn’t ask for a better series for Image to put out. As far as writing and art go, it sticks to the overall plot just as well. Since the beginning of the series, we have stayed harmonious with the plot of the series. It makes it effortless to stick with because the plot is so intriguing and fresh. That is one of the aspects of the comic that kept us reading. As we read, we learned more about Nina, the Cabals, Clint, and even Marisa and their (Nina’s) mother. It has been a joyful ride to be on!

The Finale Before The Finale?

As it stands right now, this is the finale before the actual finale. In light of that, it is incredible to see how everything plays out thus far. We have had five issues of full-on story and development and I don’t know where the arc could end without me wanting more. The cliffhangers are effectively done throughout the series and even with Blackbird #5, so I am excited to see where the next issue ends. All of our questions will be answered and new ones will be brought to the surface. If you are sleeping on Blackbird as a series, stop sleeping on it. This is a series you need to read.

Blackbird #5 is the finale before the finale, and we get a few answers and some vengeance... a series by @samhumphries, @heyjenbartel, & @treestumped under @ImageComics.