The Big Bang Theory ‘The Dependence Transcendence’ Review

‘The Dependence Transcendence’ slows down the guiding system experiment and gives some insight into Bernadette’s pregnancy insecurities.


With Sheldon accidentally agreeing to a very close deadline for the delivery of the guiding system, it was only logical that Leonard, Howard and him would have to pull some all-nighters. We know how little Sheldon likes changing his routine and trying new things, so this was a golden opportunity for some comedy that the show took advantage of. To help him stay awake, Howard and Leonard convince Sheldon to drink coffee, but little did they know about the effects this could have on Sheldon. Sheldon, who sees coffee the same way he sees any other drug, gets very affected by caffeine. In fact, caffeinated!Sheldon was easily the funniest part of the episode, and Jim Parsons played it so well that it’s a shame the effect didn’t last very long. That’s when Sheldon started struggling with “chemical dependency” and “withdrawal symptoms”, driving Leonard and Howard mad. In the end, it seemed like it was all to cover up the fact that Sheldon cannot figure out the math. Because of this, they end up telling the Colonel that they won’t be able to deliver on time and that it’ll probably take them about 2 years (!). Surprisingly, he accepts this. This is certainly a big relief for the three scientists, but what will this mean for this storyline? Would 2 years equate to 2 more seasons of the show? We cannot exactly calculate how quickly time goes by in the series, but we have now a way to measure time through Bernadette’s pregnancy, so that might give us a clue.

The Dependence Transcendence - Big Bang Theory
Speaking of which, Bernadette is having a crisis of her own. As a kid, she never wished to be a mom, nor does she feel like she’s got maternal instincts of any kind. She believed that she would eventually get excited for the baby, but weeks have gone by and she’s not seeing any changes in her attitude. Raj, who’s not part of the guiding system experiment and seems to be taking a break from dating, is spending some time helping her out. Dealing with a hormonal pregnant woman can be hard, but as Raj comments, Bernadette has always been a bit of a meanie, and Raj is a ray of sunshine. Raj is not only patient with her, but he even calls his father so that he can give her some advice. The bottom line is that, just because Bernadette doesn’t consider herself “a baby person”, that doesn’t mean she won’t love her own baby.

Not much going on with Penny and Amy’s side of the plot, except for Amy learning that she’s the most popular girl on campus. Amy, who’s always felt inferior to Penny when it comes to attractiveness and popularity, feels like she’s the one who got the upper hand this time. And no, the reason why she’s popular is not because she’s dating Sheldon, but because of the things she does. If anything, Sheldon is the one getting popular for dating Amy. How cool is that?

It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes next now that the guiding system deadline has been postponed. I was honestly worried that Bernadette and Howard would go through a relationship crisis since he was going to be so busy during the pregnancy, so hopefully that won’t be happening now. At the moment, Bernadette’s pregnancy seems to be the most exciting front for this season and I’m more than OK with that.


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