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The Daily Fandom’s Revamped YouTube Channel: “The Science Side”

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This week marks the official launch of The Daily Fandom YouTube channel with The Science SideAmidst the growth of our community of readers and writers, we thought it was about time TDF expanded and connected with you on a whole new level. If you are a fan of the deep-cutting, broad-reaching articles, reviews, and interviews on the website, you will love the in-depth videos we have in store for you.

A Fresh Start For Our TDF YouTube

Longtime followers of The Daily Fandom might remember there was a YouTube channel TDF previously operated under. The channel is still up. In truth, however, a lot of the content there was tied to parties outside of TDF. They have the full agency to make their own videos on that channel. Nonetheless, in the spirit of new beginnings and independent creativity, The Daily Fandom is striving to bring you a bold, new collection of voices and videos all from the TDF family.

The Science Side: Episode 1 Is Live!

Right now, we already have the first episode of our first video series. The Science Side is with writer and Culture Section Head, Brandon Daniels. The first video, Spider-Man centered, is available for you to watch right nowThe Science Side is a discussion of your favorite parts of pop culture and how they would scientifically work. The core of the show is asking questions no one has asked before and using science to examine those quirky, weird, and even terrifying investigations. 

Have you seen The Science Side yet?

The Science Side will release biweekly — Mondays at 4 p.m.

Very soon, you can look forward to watching other fun analysis shows about such topics as mythology, cooking, and fandom in general. In addition, true to our roots, we have fanfiction coverage in the works as well. Video production is nothing new to the world of pop culture and media reporting. Our aim is to stand out as a channel that, above all else, provides videos:

“For Fans, By Fans.” 

No matter how glowing a review, or how scathing an analysis, it all comes from a place of love; and really, isn’t that what being a fan is all about? If you have enjoyed our content on the website so far, please check out our new channel, like the videos if they interest you, and subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any of the incredible projects we are rolling out.

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