Acting in such movies as Iron Man and Star Trek as well as such TV shows as 12 Monkeys and Scandal, Faran Tahir is a proven powerhouse of a performer.

The Pakistani-American actor has previously worked shoulder to shoulder with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, but this summer he works alongside  Chris MasonScott MechlowiczSpencer Locke to bring audiences the sci-fi thriller Mad Genius.

We at The Daily Fandom highly recommend Mad Genius, directed by Royce Gorsuch, and thus were thrilled to chat with Tahir, the antagonist of the film, about his personal journey as an actor and this his newest project.

TDF:  To start, let’s take things all the way back. Your parents are actors, writers, and directors, so of course, you grew up in the culture.  One interesting detail I heard is that you use to sneak into the available costume department as a kid and play there.  What was your favorite costume to put on and why?

Faran Tahir: I loved putting on costumes that transported me to another time.  Like crowns and robes that made me feel like I ruled over some land. I would create a whole world. Sometimes there were fierce battles with magical creatures. I was maybe 5 then, so a little boy’s active imagination was in full swing.

TDF:  One thing that fascinates me is that you initially went to UC Berkley as an economic business major but shifted to acting.  What’s one thing you miss about economic business and one thing you’re glad acting doesn’t deal with?

Faran Tahir:  I think it is all about how our lives and actions impact humanity whether it is business/economics or acting. I did love studying the direct impact of business and economic models on people’s lives. Although, telling stories has an impact on humanity in a very different way. But I am so glad I don’t deal with 9 to 5 work. I love my crazy hours!

TDF:  You’ve acted in theater, television, and movies of all kinds.  What drew you to Mad Genius, and what makes it so important for people to see?

Faran Tahir:  It is a highly creative piece.  Royce Gorsuch, writer/director, is a ‘mad’ genius.  I think the movie speaks to the desolation and corruption of mind and soul of humanity that we are experiencing around us every day these days.

TDF:  Mad Genius deals with “hacking the human mind” in hopes to save the world.  If you could “hack the human mind,” how would you improve one global issue you feel needs to be addressed right now?

Faran Tahir:  I would hope that we eradicate the animus that now prevails in our lives.  We keep demonizing others to justify our actions.

TDF:  You’ve mentioned before that you have kids.  How has your work, specifically in science fiction and now with Mad Genius, helped you connect with them and their future in the Digital Age?

Faran Tahir:  It has given us one more platform to exchange ideas.

TDF:  I’ve read your family has been in the arts and literature for four generations. That’s an incredible lineage to continue. What do you hope to accomplish with your link in the chain? What would you like your legacy to be and why?

Faran Tahir:  I hope people remember that I tried to tell stories as honestly as I was capable of on any given day.

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