We have a new discussion this month – in a similar fashion to the Thanos podcast we talked about Iron Fist. The magic-man, light fist dude, Iron Fist. In a full-length hour and forty-two-minute podcast – we give you major Iron Fist conversation. Do you like Iron Fist? Do you know who he is? Why did his TV series suck? We answer these questions and many more!

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The Introduction To ‘The Daily Bugle: A Round Table Discussion About Iron Fist’

Shareca: Hello, all and welcome back to The Daily Fandom podcast. Today, this month, we have – Iron Fist and it’s going to read the second part of our series titled ‘The Daily Bugle: A Round Table Discussion…’ about blank and this one’s going to be about Iron Fist. This is going to talk about the show, the comics, the Ed Brubaker run and the Matt Fraction run and just how great it was and how nobody appreciates Iron Fist as much as they should – based on this particular run.

So again, this is going to be the same thing as last time. A little bit of discussion, a little bit of rambles – but we’re going to have an equal amount of both, which is nice. So thank you so much for listening to the previous one from last month. The Thanos podcasts really took off and really did amazing and it’s just super exciting to have this conversation with some writers from The Daily Fandom and some writers, even of the comic community, come together and talk about how wonderful these characters are.

Stay Tuned For October…

So we’re going to keep this series going. We have a bunch more in store for you guys, but today we’re talking about Iron Fist. If you don’t who Iron Fist is he had a r e a l l y subpar show. I would call it subpar, I guess, on Netflix – that wasn’t that great. Um, and then so he had a Ed Brubaker run that we’re going to talk about. That was really, really awesome and everybody should read it. But aside from that, let’s just jump right into it. Again, this is going to be a long one. Apologize in advance, but listen to it in your car.

Listen to it while you’re taking a shower, listen to it while you’re walking around campus. And it should probably end in about three days. No, it’s not that long, but it should end in about an hour or so. So hopefully you can do some busy work while listening to this podcast. I’m very proud of it.

I’m very excited. We have a new person on board in this discussion who you’ll get to know, but we have the same three from last time, which is Kyle, Claudia, and Brandon and our newbie is going to be Alec who is a comic writer for The Daily Fandom as well. So have fun. Enjoy this podcast. Learn a little bit more about Iron Fist and what more could you want?

Let’s jump right into it.