The Dads Are Back In Dream Daddy #1

Dream Daddy #1

Dream Daddy #1 under Oni Press by Wendy Xu (writer), Ryan Maniulit (art, illustrated, colored), and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letterer) is a thing, a good one. And, like everyone else in the world – Dream Daddy is considered to be the daddiest and best game in the history of Steam.

Okay, that might be an over-exaggeration – but, the game was fantastic. You played as a dad you created and literally just dated other dreamy dads. What more could you want from a game? So, when we heard about the Dream Daddy #1 comic being made… we pounced on it, literally.

We couldn’t just let all these daddies in comic form go to waste. So, here we are – in our daddiest form reviewing Dream Daddy #1.

Dream Daddy #1 – A Dream Daddy Simulator Comic For The Ultimate Dream Daddies

Game Grumps made the game, first and foremost. If you have not played the game, it is incredibly fun. You are the main character who dates a bunch of dads and you choose which one you like best. We are a bit bias because Craig is the ultimate dad, but all of the dads are quite perfect.

Dream Daddy #1
Oni Press, Dream Daddy #1 – 2018, look @ the dads; look @ Craig!

There’s a good spectrum of each different dad, so no matter your personal preference, there’s something for you. In Dream Daddy #1, the first issue is titled, “Much Abird About Nothing.” It is college reunion time for the dads. Who would have thought it’s been fifteen years since Keg-Stand Craig and the new dad on the block went to college?

Well, this one’s like a buddy cop comedy, only there are no cops and more avoiding old flames. But, it’s the same thing, right? Probably not, bro.

Okay, Let’s Talk About This Dad Aventure Now!

The issue begins with Amanda talking to her dad about brownies. The biggest change here would be that you don’t get to design your dad, it’s already made for you. Here you are placed in a dads brain that already exists. The characters, however, are the same. Amanda is at home, her dad is home, and all is well. That is when we find out about the college reunion and the ultimate dad, Craig is the main focus of Dream Daddy #1. 

Dream Daddy #1
Oni Press, Dream Daddy #1 – 2018

Now, to say we love this issue because of Craig would be bias. But, we kind  of did because that’s our favorite bro-dad. The synopsis of this issue is straight-forward, they are going to a college reunion. We would say it’s a date, but it is not showcased right off the bat as a date. There is a cute dad ending to this issue, though, and we can assure you… (gotcha!) no spoilers.

Craig is the dad that says ‘bro’ all the time, but in an endearing way. When Craig calls you ‘bro,’ he really wants to make out with you. Right, bro?

Wendy Xu‘s Writing = Dad

In Dream Daddy #1 the writing is very similar to the game style. It is spot on, no hiccups, and very well-written. This comic series follows slightly with consistency of the game. Not everything is consistent, but most things are. What is great about this first issue is the awkwardness.

A dad dating another dad with another dad and so many dads makes one anxious. I would be too, bro. But, what Dream Daddy #1 does really well is not name the main character… yet. Or at all… who knows? That interactive vibe is still there such as when you played the game. 

Dream Daddy #1
Oni Press, Dream Daddy #1 – 2018

Again, this is a first issue based on a game that was – in a sense – explanatory. It did not leave much to be said after it, but it did have multiple endings. While this comic adds to the dad vibe, we hope – in turn – that each issue is based on a different dad. We assume that will be the case, since the cover of the next issue is the goth dad. 

If done in that similar way, this comic series could be the daddiest of all.

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou & Ryan Maniulit‘s Art = Daddiest

When it came to the art and when it comes to the art of already published works in any medium, they have to somewhat look like the previous characters. Craig does. What we loved about Craig was the fact that he was attractive and a dad; even better, right? To have him look exactly like his previous character was fantastic. 

Dream Daddy #1
Oni Press, Dream Daddy #1 – 2018

While the main character had to be created, everything else is spot on. Even Amanda looked so adorable from her ponytail to her banter with her dad. For this particular comic, the art was fantastic. From the colors to the creation of the characters to the cute ending, there wasn’t much we yearned for after reading this issue. It satisfied everything we expected. 

The Verdict

If you love Dream Daddy the game, you will adore this first issue about Craig. Or centered around Craig, rather. Dream Daddy #1 is a score of a first issue, I love the dads. I love the kids. I love the concept. The story behind Dream Daddy is pretty simple – but, to then make it into a comic was very smart and very cool. If you have the chance to get this issue, please do.

One thing we will mention about the plot is – if you have not played this game before, this comic will start in the middle of an already semi-formed relationship. So, if things appear to have moved fast – that is because it was based on a bigger medium (being the Steam game). This is not a redo of the plot of the game. This is going straight from where it left off.

You can order it from the Oni Press website. You can also get it on ComiXology, Amazon Kindle, iBooks, and even Google Play. Buy this now, no matter print or digital, support the makers of Dream Daddy #1.

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