A Complete Rick And Morty Riggity Riggity Recap

Wubba lubba dub dub! It’s finally back! The fourth season of Rick and Morty is airing November 10th on Adult Swim. It’s been two years since the season three finale aired back in October 2017. Many fans have been waiting patiently for the next season since there was no indication when the next season would premier. When the trailer for season four was released, many fans became restless. Adult Swim also announced that the first five episodes of season four will be released simultaneously. In preparation for the popular sci-fi show, here is a complete recap of everything that has happened in Rick and Morty.

Season One Of Rick And Morty

Throughout the first season, Rick, Morty, his parents, and his sister, Summer, are dragged through many intergalactic adventures. Many of these adventures reference popular movies and television shows. This season focused on following non-consequential endings, ignoring the resolutions and effects of a chaotic situation in one episode without having it go into the next episodes.

These adventures range from Rick and Morty entering the dreams of Morty’s math teacher, Inception-style, to raise Morty’s grade, to Rick sending Morty inside a homeless man to save a microscopic amusement park called Anatomy Park.

Beth, Jerry, and Summer summon two Mr. Meeseeks
Rick and Morty, S1E5 — Mees | Adult Swim

The show also features original conceptual episodes such as “Meeseeks and Destroy.” In this episode, Beth, Summer, and Jerry use Rick’s Meeseeks Box to spawn Mr. Meeseeks, a blue creature that fulfills one request and then explodes. In the eighth episode “Rixty Minutes,” Rick upgrades the family’s cable to watch every show from every conceivable dimension.

The episode features a lot of improvisational jokes from the cast, in the shape of fictional shows and movie trailers. These jokes range from a super long commercial about fake doors, to a movie trailer about two brothers fighting everything from a Mexican armada to a legion of old women.

A Sudden Twist

The story suddenly takes a dark turn in “Rick Potion #9.” In this episode, Morty asks Rick for a love potion to make his classmate Jessica go to a dance with him. Rick creates it and says it is foolproof unless she has the flu. At the dance, Morty successfully applies the love potion. However, since Jessica has the flu, the potion becomes airborne. It causes everyone on the planet, with the exception of Morty’s family, to fall madly in love with him.

Rick and Morty discovering the alternate universe where they died.
Rick and Morty, S1E6 — Rick Potion #9 | Adult Swim

Rick attempts to create an antidote but fails twice and mutates the entire population into monsters he dubs “Cronenbergs” (a reference to David Cronenberg’s horror films). The two then abandon their universe and their family and migrate to another universe. They went to a universe where they were able to cure everyone of the mutations but died soon after in a sudden explosion. They arrive right after the explosion and resume their lives as if nothing has happened.

An Infinite Narrative

The last two episodes of the season broaden the universe and introduce potential arcs for later seasons. In “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind,” Rick is wrongfully accused of murdering Ricks and kidnapping Mortys from alternate universes. This episode introduces the Council of Ricks and the Citadel. The Citadel is a place where Ricks and Mortys from thousands of different universes gather to live in safety from the Galactic government.

Rick and Morty escaped from the Citadel to look for the real culprits. While searching, they are captured by an evil Rick and Morty who are behind the crimes. Soon after, Morty stages a rebellion comprised of captured Mortys and they defeat evil Rick. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that evil Rick was being controlled remotely by evil Morty. Evil Morty then destroys the controller and escapes by blending in with the crowd of orphaned Mortys.

Rick and Morty being charged with crimes of murdering twenty seven Ricks from alternate universes.
Rick and Morty, S1E10 — Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind | Adult Swim

In the season finale “Ricksy Business,” Rick, Morty, and Summer throw a house party while Beth and Jerry go to a Titanic reenactment. During the party, the viewers are introduced to some of Rick’s friends such as Birdperson, Gearhead, and Squanchy. In the end, the entire house is a mess and Beth and Jerry are moments away from discovering it.

Rick freezes time and everyone — with the exception of Morty and Summer. The three then clean up the house and do other things such as watch Titanic. The first season ends with all three of them dancing, with Rick commenting about the end of season one.     

Season Two Of Rick And Morty

Season two of Rick and Morty continues their sci-fi adventures but focuses on the character development of its core cast. The first episode of the season picks off right after the season one finale. Six months have passed and Rick, Morty, and Summer cleaned up the house and are ready to resume their lives. After unfreezing time, the trio is teleported into a decaying time dimension surrounded by Schrodinger cats.

This is a result of Morty and Summer creating multiple timelines whenever they are uncertain about their actions. A creature in charge of safeguarding time attempts to arrest them, but the trio beats up the creature and creates sixty-four alternate timelines in the process. They ultimately returned, but in one timeline Rick nearly sacrificed his life in order to save Morty. This indicates to the audience that Rick is not as heartless as many perceive him to be.    

Rick And Morty Receiving Character Development

The rest of the season continues to build on the characters’ motivations and their development. It introduces complex questions and reveals small increments of Rick’s background before the show. In “Mortynight Run,” Rick sells a weapon to an alien assassin, but Morty decides to stop the assassination. Morty believes that allowing murder to happen is just the same as pulling the trigger. However, Morty ends up murdering the alien he saved after discovering its intention of universal genocide.

Rick selling a gun to alien assassin Krombopulous Michael and Morty disapproves.
Rick and Morty, S2E2 — Mortynight Run | Adult Swim

In “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” during a scavenging trip on a damaged spaceship, Rick, Morty, and Summer meet Unity, a hive-mind entity and Rick’s ex-lover. When the trio visits a planet completely under Unity’s control, Morty and Summer debate the ethical questions of mind control.

Meanwhile, Rick and Unity reignite their relationship in the shape of parties, orgies, heavy drinking, and drug usage. Unity soon loses control of some of its inhabitants as they regain their identities and start a race war. Eventually, Unity decides to leave Rick for his own good. Later on, Rick attempts suicide after the breakup but fails because he passes out.

The Wedding Finale

In the season two finale “The Wedding Squanchers,” Rick and his family attend the wedding of Birdperson and Tammy (Summer’s friend). Despite Rick’s narcissistic attitude towards his best friend’s marriage, he opens up to it and lets his guard down. Things take a dramatic turn when Tammy reveals herself to be a secret agent of the Galactic Federation and murders Birdperson.

A firefight between the galactic federation and the galaxy's most wanted at Birdperson's wedding.
Rick and Morty, S2E10 — The Wedding Squanchers | Adult Swim

Numerous Federation agents invaded the building attempting to arrest Rick and the other guests. After Rick and his family escape, they are forced to go into hiding. Rick eventually overhears Jerry proposing to turn him in because of his uncaring attitude, however, the rest are against it. He then turns himself in, allowing his family to return to earth, which has officially joined the Galactic Federation.   

Season Three Of Rick And Morty

The season three premiere of Rick and Morty continues after the second season finale. It shows that Rick is being interrogated inside a galactic federal prison via a mind computer. Meanwhile, Summer and Morty attempt to rescue him. However, the two were captured by a spec ops team called Seal Team Ricks.

They were taken to the Council of Ricks where they decided to assassinate Rick. Back at the prison, Rick manages to hack the system and switches bodies with his interrogators. He continues to switch bodies until he gets inside a ‘Rick body’ inside the Citadel. Once inside, he teleports the Citadel inside a galactic prison, pitting the two factions against each other.

Rick explaining how good the McDonald's Szechuan sauce is.
Rick and Morty, S3E1 — The Rickshank Rickdemption | Adult Swim

Rick then rescues Morty and Summer, kills the Council of Ricks, and destroys the Galactic Federation by making its currency worth nothing. When the trio returns home, an agitated Jerry forces Beth to choose between him or Rick. Beth ultimately chooses Rick and divorces Jerry, while Morty worries about his parents’ divorce. Rick reveals to Morty that it was his plan to get revenge on Jerry and to destroy the galactic government. This escalates into a monologue about nine more seasons of the show and the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.        

Morty & Summer Becoming Independent

Throughout season three, Morty and Summer deal with their parents’ divorce in various ways. In “Rickmancing the Stone,” Morty and Summer vent out their frustrations of their parents’ divorce and their attitudes toward each other through violent and drastic behavior in a post-apocalyptic world. After spending time in the post-apocalyptic world they embrace their parents’ divorce and realize they must focus on their lives more.

Beth & Jerry’s Relationship

Beth and Jerry’s deteriorating relationship has been a reoccurring issue ever since the first season. When they finally divorce each other, they deal with their personal issues of loss and dependence. In “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy,” Beth’s parental skills are challenged when Summer is facing self-esteem issues. At the same time, Jerry is faced with the opportunity to kill Rick for ruining his marriage. However, he backs out when Rick apologizes for it, realizing that Rick is not completely a jerk.

Beth and Jerry happy to see each other.
Rick and Morty, S3E1 — The Rickshank Rickdemption | Adult Swim

In “ABC’s of Beth,” Beth comes to the realization that she is exactly like Rick in many ways. Jerry, on the other hand, tries to get over Beth by dating an alien hunter. In “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” Beth sees Jerry’s unconditional love for her and understands that he keeps her in check from blindly following her father. The two end up back together, reuniting the family and removing Rick from the dominant household position.

The Return Of Evil Morty

This season of Rick and Morty shifts focus in the episode “The Ricklantis Mixup.” The episode follows four side stories comprised of Ricks and Mortys living in the Citadel. It showcases daily life within the Citadel and the hardships for the Ricks and Mortys who live in it. What makes this episode stand out is the presidential election side story.

Many dead Ricks and Mortys ejected  from the Citadel, revealing that Evil Morty has taken over the Citadel.
Rick and Morty, S3E7 — The Ricklantis Mixup| Adult Swim

Following the death of the old council of Ricks, Morty is running to be the president of the Citadel. Despite his opposition heckling his stance, Morty was able to win both the hearts of everyone in the Citadel and the election. Newly-elected President Morty meets with the Shadow Council of Ricks and murders the majority of them to establish control. The end of the episode reveals that President Morty is actually Evil Morty, who was first introduced back in season one. This indicated that he has larger plans in the works.

…& That’s The Way The News Goes

That is the full recap of the Rick and Morty series. You are officially ready to watch season four. Do you plan on watching all five episodes at once, or do you plan to take your time with it? Comment below and let us know which is your favorite season of Rick and Morty.

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