The plumbing issues in Amy’s apartment has her needing to crash at someone else’s place for a few weeks. And, of course, having her move in with Sheldon is the choice that has the most potential. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship developed a lot last season, so trying out the whole living together thing seems like a natural step for them. This implies a BIG change for Sheldon, though, so it obviously takes some convincing from Amy, Leonard and Penny for him to accept. Sheldon takes it as a compatibility test to see if them living together would work out, but, after one night, the result is unclear. Sheldon and Amy obviously encounter some problems while living together, if only for comedy’s sake, but then they also fix it with make out sessions, like any other couple. Right now, what I wish for the most is that, since Amy’s supposed to have this problem for a few weeks, this situation will last for a few episodes. Having the four of them living in the same building a la FRIENDS will certainly open up many new possibilities for funny situations. Besides, Leonard and Penny acting out like a couple of friends having a parent-free sleep-over by dancing on their underwear is both hilarious and endearing.

“What’s the sex of the baby?”. It’s a storyline that we have seen very often, especially in sitcoms, but it’s one that’s always entertaining to see nonetheless. Raj has “accidentally” opened the folder that contained the sex of Bernadette and Howard’s unborn baby, and now pretty much everyone knows it except for the actual parents. And wait until Raj accidentally reveals it to the others next. I would be loving this, if it weren’t for the fact that sometimes it feels like Raj has replaced Stuart’s role in this marriage. Raj is very sweet to Bernadette, he’s Howard’s best friend, and he can certainly offer a lot of help with the pregnancy, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re going to have to talk with him like they did with Stuart. It’s even more worrying given the fact that Raj has no storyline of his own this season.

Overall, ‘The Cohabitation Experimentation’ is proof of how much these characters and relationships have grown. Whether it’s through Sheldon taking such a big step for Amy, or because of Bernadette and Howard having a baby, every storyline feels much more mature than it would have a few seasons ago.

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