The Valentino Submergence

The Big Bang Theory ‘The Valentino Submergence’ Review

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘The Valentino Submergence’ was a very packed episode, featuring all four couples and their different celebrations for Valentine’s Day. Who would have thought that we could have had an episode like this one when the series first started? Are we nearing the end of the series?

My first thought when I found out that this episode would be Valentine-themed was that it would all be about Shamy. And I love this couple, but they have had enough attention this season already. I was wrong. The screentime did not only get equally distributed for all the characters, but Sheldon and Amy were actually placed in a position to give some love advice to others, like Raj or even Kirk, including a pretty interesting explanation of how pain and heartbreak work.

The person who needed that explanation the most was Raj. Ever since last season’s finale, it has been mentioned that Raj wants to break up with Emily. Sadly, this plot point was barely explored, and we rarely got to see Emily for the first half of the season. Furtheremore, when the plot point was finally picked up again in this episode, it was resolved all too quickly. I’m not sure what role Claire is going to have from now on since she just got back with her boyfriend, but it’s a fact that Raj was planning on breaking up with Emily even before he met Claire. Raj has always complained about being single and awkward around women, but I don’t think this time he had a right to complain about being alone when he was the one who had just broken up with Emily right before the most romantic day of the year.

The other two couples are doing pretty good. Leonard and Penny are at a very good place in their relationship, and the best part about them is that they are also best friends. Everything that happened to them in this episode from trying to bribe the guy form the restaurant, to coming up with plans for the night or dressing up in those silly outfits is something that any couple of friends would do. It’s also something that young people would do. Was that talk about getting older any indication that the series is nearing its end?

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It might seem so, as Bernadette dropped a bombshell that a lot of people were already expecting: she is pregnant. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to tell Howard because he ran to the ER after he was bitten by a nearly-dead rabbit they found in the tube. Howard and Bernadette having a baby has not only been talked about in the fandom, but also suggested in the series for a while now. It was only a matter of time. In the series, we have had proposals, marriages, break ups, deaths… but we haven’t had any pregnancies in the yet. And I couldn’t be more pumped to see how The Big Bang Theory handles it!

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