The Big Bang Theory ‘The Spock Resonance’ Review: A Long-Overdue Homage


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Any Big Bang Theory episode including Wil Wheaton is always a guarantee for success. This time it wasn’t so much about Wheaton, though. ‘The Spock Resonance’ was an episode that had to be done: a homage to Leonard Nimoy after he died last February.

Sheldon has been chosen to participate in a Spockumentary documentary to honor Leonard Nimoy. During the majority of the episode, we see him being interviewed by Adam Nimoy and Wil Wheaton (although I doubt they’ll be able to use any of that footage). Showing the signed napkin that Penny gave him all those years ago was a nice throwback that also allowed for Penny and Leonard to discover the engagement ring that was supposed to go to Amy. Since Sheldon is aware that he is not fine, he decides to put an end to his situation and go and ask Amy to marry him. Sadly, he sees her kissing someone else. Let’s be honest, Sheldon actually confessing to Amy or giving her the ring is something that we don’t expect until, at least, the season finale.

The Spock Resonance - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

On the other hand, we had Howard and Bernadette’s home redecoration. At first, it seemed like a pretty boring story, but everything took a pretty interesting turn after Bernadette’s father talked about the possibility of having kids. This is Howard and Bernadette’s next big step and something I was waiting for the show to address. Apparently, Howard really does want to have kids, but Bernadette is not so sure about it. Why? Her father wasn’t there and, after seeing Howard not taking care of the house, she fears that he wouldn’t care that much about their child either. However, Howard is always constantly talking about his father running away when he was a kid. They have both been neglected by their fathers in some way, so it is to expect that they would both work together to be the best parents they can be. We’ll have to wait and see if the show actually goes through with this.

‘The Spock Resonance’ was a very good and cohesive episode. Tying Spock’s supposedly lack of feelings to Sheldon’s new-found emotions after his break up with Amy was pretty neat. The only complain that I have is that it almost seemed like the writers only used Nimoy to showcase Sheldon’s current state. It would have been nice to see some final original footage of Nimoy’s Spock talking about his half-humanity/feelings. Sir Leonard Nimoy, once again, you will be missed!


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