The Big Bang Theory ‘The Separation Oscillation’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘The Separation Oscillation’ felt like a natural continuation to the premiere. Both Leonard & Penny and Sheldon & Amy are still having love problems while the rest continue to be mere spectators.

The relationship that got the most attention in this episode was Leonard and Penny’s, which is also the one that got to be resolved. After causing Shenny shippers to have a heart attack in a Sheldon/Penny passionate kiss that turned to be Leonard’s nightmare, Sheldon suggests that Penny should meet Mandy to ease her fears. Leonard goes to talk to Mandy at work and explains the situation to her. Funnily enough, Mandy agrees with Penny’s comment from the previous season finale: Leonard could be trying to sabotage the relationship due to unresolved issues. Apparently, Leonard still feels like he’s not good enough for Penny. But so does Penny, who has always had insecurities for not being as smart as the rest of her friends. Finally, they got to talk it out like real adults in a mature relationship and solved the problem. I found it very funny that we got to hear Penny’s current surname: Penny Hofstadter, while her maiden name remains unknown.

The Separation Oscillation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

No such luck for Sheldon and Amy, whose problems seem like they will carry on throughout the whole season. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship has always been pretty unconventional and complicated, due to Sheldon’s inability to understand how romantic relationships work (leaving aside the matter that he could be asexual). This is why Sheldon doesn’t understand nor respect Amy’s wish to have some space: she videocalls her to remind her of Fun with Flags and he even shows up at her place to return some of her stuff. Amy is not buying into his “charming eccentricities” as he calls them anymore. And she was definitely NOT happy when he used his Fun with Flags episode to throw shade at her and women in general. They are definitely not on the same page and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be fixed anytime soon.

The Separation Oscillation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

Meanwhile, the rest of the troop haven’t had much time to shine yet. Raj and Howard continue their married couple bickering when Raj is upset that Howard didn’t tell him about Leonard making out with Mandy. On the other hand, Bernadette is upset that he did tell her because now she has to pretend that she didn’t know otherwise she’ll come out as a bad friend to Penny. We also have to remember that these characters still have some unresolved issues from last season: we don’t really know how Raj and Emily’s relationship is going, and Bernadette and Howard still have to kick Stuart out of their house. But, right now, what worries me the most is how they’re going to share a room with both Amy and Sheldon in it when the 7 of them hang out. Judging by the premiere, it’s not going to be easy.


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