The Big Bang Theory ‘The Sales Call Sublimation’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The Big Bang Theory returns from its short hiatus with ‘The Sales Call Sublimation‘, an episode that brings back some of the old dynamics of the series after all the Sheldon/Amy drama that took most of the first half of the season.

The Sales Call Sublimation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

After Amy goes away for a neurobiology conference, Sheldon is left with a free weekend that he decides to spend with his Raj, who is working with a telescope. Seeing Sheldon interacting with his friends was something that I really missed for the most part of this season, and I’m happy that, out of all his male friends, he decided to go with Raj, who hasn’t had much time to shine this season yet. During their investigation, they discover a medium-sized asteroid and they decide to name it after their girlfriends. Well, after Sheldon’s girlfriend specifically. In exchange, Sheldon promised that if Amy and him ever have kids, they would have to name all of them ‘Rajesh’. Speaking of girlfriends, whatever happened to Emily? Didn’t Raj comment that he wasn’t that happy with her in the previous season finale? Not only was that plot point dropped, but Amy hasn’t been appearing much either.

We got very important character development for Leonard thanks to Penny’s unethical strategy to get an interview with a psychiatrist for her job. I get that this is a comedy, but I still wasn’t very happy with the way some mental illnesses were treated (I’m talking about that scene in which Sheldon, Raj and Howard start naming all of Leonard’s problems). We also know that, even though they’re happy, Leonard and Penny’s marriage isn’t a walk in the park. They have had issues and I’m sure they’ll continue to have them: not only did the psychiatrist suggest that Leonard married Penny because he saw his mother in her (which is actually quite common among couples), but it also seems that Penny is dealing with some anxiety as well. At least, Leonard was able to understand the negative effect that his mother had on him and that he’s actually important and valued. I’m curious to see how he acts the next time his mother appears.

The Sales Call Sublimation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

Finally, we also got Stuart finally moving out from Bernadette and Howard’s place. At first, they’re very happy about it, but they actually realize that they might actually miss him. To me, the whole Stuart storyline was dragged on too much, and I’m still unsure on where they want to take this character next. He never felt like he fit in with the rest of the cast, and I can’t help but feeling sorry for him due to his constant self-loathing. Out of all the characters, he’s the one who needed that psychiatrist the most. Puting Stuart aside, that scene in which Howard and Bernadette were cleaning Stuart’s old room led me to believe that they might be hinting at a possible nursery, but I guess they’re not going there (yet).

All in all, now that Sheldon and Amy’s conflict has been resolved and they’re more in love than ever, the show is able to return to its classic formula. ‘The Sales Call Sublimation’ wasn’t only entertaining, but it also allowed for some of our characters to move on and keep growing.



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