The Big Bang Theory: ‘The Relationship Diremption’ – Review

It’s all about relationships on The Big Bang Theory‘s twentieth episode of the season. While Sheldon goes through a breakup with the string theory, Raj and Emily go on a double date with Howard and Bernadette. WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS!

While the boys are discussing science’s recent discovers, Sheldon realises that the field he’s studying, the strings theory, isn’t really going anywhere. He realises the theory cannot be proven and that all of his work and efforts seem to be for nothing. This leads Sheldon to have a crisis, both personal and professional (because 90% of Sheldon is his professional life) and makes him wonder if he’s chosen the right path.

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He talks about it with Penny and she gives him an advice that can also be used in relationships: “Break it off, shake hands, walk away“. We see Sheldon go through all the steps of a romantic breakup (getting rid of their stuff, getting a new look, ) and struggling to come up with a new field of study (and it seems to carry onto the next episode judging by the pictures). We know for sure Geology is not going to be it! Leonard, Penny and Amy’s role in this episode is to help him decide and help him cope with this scientific/professional break up. The final scene in which Sheldon drunk dials Stephen Hawking was nothing but hilarious.

This is not just some stupid regular dilemma or problem Sheldon is having (like it usually is in every episode). This is something important, and therefore, his friends treat it like what it is. It’s gonna be really interesting if we actually see Sheldon choosing a different direction in his career because it would mean that, along with Penny, he’s gonna end up in a different place by the end of the season.

On the other hand, Raj has finally decided between Emily and Lucy (not in a very nice way for Lucy). He’s chosen Emily, but let’s just put a pin in Lucy cause the writers wouldn’t have brought her back if they didn’t have plans for her in the future, right? Right? (Please, I really liked Lucy).


Raj decides to go on a double date with Emily, Howard and Bernadette. Howard keeps making fun of Raj saying that he’s probably gonna screw this up too by making a fool of himself. But nothing could be further from the truth, because while Raj is well-behaved and polite, Howard is incredibly embarrassed to find out that she had already met Emily and that it had ended up in a bathroom accident.


Slowly but surely, all the characters are making decisions and slightly changing their lives. Sheldon is choosing another field of study, Penny is choosing her acting career, Raj is choosing Emily and Howard has chosen not to go to space again. The only characters that are still left are Amy and Bernadette (whose evolution seems to be tied to their husband/boyfriend) and Leonard, whose job right now is to support Penny.

Check out the promotional photos for next episode, The Anything Can Happen Recurrence, airing on April 24th:


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