The Big Bang Theory ‘The Positive Negative Reaction’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘The Positive Negative Reaction’ focuses on the most important plot point to come out of last week’s Valentine episode: Bernadette’s pregnancy.

Even though Bernadette wasn’t able to tell Howard during Valentine’s day, she’s able to do it straight away within the first minutes of this episode. Howard, who is visibly excited at first, is quickly overtaken by fear and insecurities. From then on, the episode is divided between Howard telling the boys and Bernadette telling the girls (kind of, since Leonard ruined the surprise).

The Positive Negative Reaction - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily FandomOn one hand, Howard worries about many things from genes to money, but his friends are quick to reassure him. Well, nearly all of his friends since Sheldon is, as always, afraid of change. He has a point this time, though: a baby can change the dynamic in a group of friends. For a moment I feared that the writers would make the whole episode about Sheldon complaining, but I’m very glad that it didn’t turn out to be the case. The boys actually go out for drinks and they try to do something productive by coming up with inventions to raise money for the baby. And even though Sheldon is drunk and still not very happy with the baby idea, he still delivers his usual sweet moment by telling Howard that he’ll be a great father because he grew up without one.

As per the girls, Bernadette confesses that Howard has always been the one talking about having kids, but now he’s freaking out about it, something that makes Bernadette a bit nervous. Penny and Amy are quick to reassure her as well. Bernadette also mentions that hormones, and things like not being able to drink alcohol will be a thing from now on, so I’m going to be looking out for some new funny dynamics in the show now that one of the members of the group is pregnant. Finally, Bernadette also reveals that the baby was conceived in Sheldon’s bed!

The boys and girls separation in this episode actually served to give both Howard and Bernadette some time apart to be reassured by their friends. It was a cute idea and I also liked that, by the end of the episode, everyone ended up together drunk-singing in a karaoke. Howard and Bernadette get the chance to reunite and have a very sweet heart-to-heart talk about being nervous, but also excited about the pregnancy. Having all of the gang drunkenly singing songs about babies with Bernadette in the middle was the icing of the cake. It was cute, and some of the performances really made me laugh. All in all, I couldn’t imagine a better way to dedicate an episode to Bernadette and Howard’s pregnancy than what ‘The Positive Negative Reaction’ delivered.


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