The Big Bang Theory ‘The Perspiration Implementation’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

It does seem like Sheldon and Amy’s breakup is going to be a key point all season long. In ‘The Perspiration Implementation’, the boys try to get some exercise while the girls give Stuart some advice on how to get female costumers.

Even though this episode was, as usual, divided into the males and the females of the group (I have always preferred it when they mix it up), ‘The Perspiration Implementation’ had one clear division: Sheldon and Amy, and whether they want to move on and start dating again.

The Perspiration Implementation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

In an attempt to do some exercise and get healthier, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj attend a fencing class instructed by Barry, whom we hadn’t seen in a long time. As we could already guess, the boys don’t take it very seriously and just want to go straight to the fighting side of it, all while making geeky references. However, things take a turn when Barry expresses his interest in Amy’s single state. Sheldon, who is obviously not OK with that, challenges Barry to a duel in 3 years time, when he will be good enough to fight him. After class, while having a few drinks, the boys suggest to Sheldon that perhaps he should get into the dating scene again. This is unheard of because Sheldon was never in the dating scene to begin with. It always seemed that Amy was the only one for him and, when he tries asking other women out, he obviously fails and gets rejected. He made it a point that Bernadette and Penny were already taken, which is a sign that he prefers to stay with what’s familiar to him.

On the other hand, there’s Penny, Bernadette and Amy with Stuart. The fact that Emily still hasn’t joined their group could be an indication that she is not here to stay. Stuart is having problem with having female costumers because he always comes out as really creepy, something that he’s unaware of. With all this talk about Stuart’s past and insecurities, I can’t help but wonder whether they’re going to try to help him out or whether he’s just gonna stay a joke. As funny as these scenes were, I also kept wondering why would Stuart need to advertise only to women? Shouldn’t geeky women be attracted for the same reasons as geeky men: comic books? The show fortunately kind of fixed that when it was revealed that women were already coming on their own, but it was Stuart’s creepiness that sent them away. He is the problem and he is the one who needs to change, or at least tone it down. Would hiring a woman help?

The Perspiration Implementation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

At the end of the episode, we come to what I said in the beginning and the true purpose of this episode. Amy was asked out by Barry through a text message, but she said no. And, judging by Sheldon and Amy’s conversation in the hallway, they are not ready to date again, and they are not OK with the other doing it either. At least Sheldon is giving Amy her space now and they’re able to have a normal, casual conversation. Will they be able to move on?


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