The Big Bang Theory ‘The Mystery Date Observation’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

With ‘The Mystery Date Observation’, it seems like the Sheldon/Amy break-up drama wasn’t just something for the season premiere, but it’s actually going to be a major key focus for this season. As a matter of fact, Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is getting more attention than ever, even more than when they were together. This means good things and bad things: for one, the show is taking the time to treat this breakup naturally and realistically, exploring new aspects of Sheldon. However, we must not forget that this show used to be about science and geeks, not a romantic comedy.

For once, the main story didn’t focus on Sheldon or the guys. It’s finally time to see how Amy is doing and to meet her date, Dave (Stephen Merchant). While Sheldon has only just decided to start seeing other people, Amy is already on her third date with Dave. Even though we got to see a lot from her, we still don’t know how she is really doing in this breakup. Was she dating Dave to get over Sheldon? Or has she really moved on and she’s just eager to date other people? Sadly, their date didn’t go as well as planned and it wasn’t because Penny, Bernadette and Leonard were spying on them (which is usually what happens in these classic situations), but because Dave found out that Amy’s ex-boyfriend is Sheldon, someone who Dave admires. Well, “admires” falls short, I’d say he’s more of a fanboy. Amy sees this situation as unsustainable and ends up breaking up with him. Dave didn’t seem very affected by it, though, he was just too happy that he had kissed the same lips as Sheldon.

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Sheldon insists on trying to go out with another “female companion”, so he decides to go to Howard and Raj, the ones responsible for introducing him to Amy. Sheldon says he wants to put all this Amy stuff behind (even though we know it’ll likely come back for the season finale), but it’s clear he just wants to see someone else to get over Amy and that doesn’t always work. He says he just wants another woman to ignore so that he can focus on his job, but that’s clearly a lie because he never needed that before he met Amy. Anyway, the three of them come up with a ridiculously difficult and geeky test to put online to search for a candidate to date Sheldon. Sadly, the time limit ends and no one shows up. Except someone does a few seconds later, and she’s everything they were looking for and more. However, Sheldon shuts the door in her face because she was late. Far from laughing at that, I was pretty upset because that girl was truly intelligent, geeky and incredibly beautiful, and it would have seen amazing to see her interact with Sheldon in more episodes.

All in all, with all the other couples being happy and at peace, The Big Bang Theory has decided to dedicate this season to Amy and Sheldon’s conflict. And, while it’s interesting to see how Sheldon deals with a break up, I only hope that the show will soon move on to the other aspects that made this show stand out: the geeky references, scientific conflicts in their university… etc.


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