The Big Bang Theory ‘The Meemaw Materialization’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The Big Bang Theory continues with its romantic themes in ‘The Meemaw Materialization‘, an episode that deals with Amy having to earn Sheldon’s meemaw’s approval, as well as potential romantic problems for Raj.

Meemaw, or Constance (June Squibb), is Sheldon’s beloved grandmother who comes to visit. Meemaw seemed like the sweetest, loveliest grandmother on Earth and it was really heartwarming to see Sheldon being so excited and nice to her. Only her visit had other intentions: to “size Amy up”. Apparently, Constance wasn’t only worried that Amy wouldn’t be able to handle Sheldon (something she’s been doing for years), but she was also mad at her for having hurt Sheldon so much when she broke up with him. Fair enough. While Amy was being more reasonable than Sheldon, as usual, it was Sheldon the one who was able to convince Meemaw that Amy was the only one for him. In this case, I noticed how the show tried to push those “classic Sheldon” moments, but it was clear that he has matured a lot. I can see that the writers are trying to work out how to make Sheldon behave more like a boyfriend without having him lose his charm, but so far, I like how they are handling it.

But perhaps the most important thing to take out from Meemaw’s appearance is the fact that she revealed the existence of the engagement ring (which previously belonged to her). Amy finding out about it wasn’t as romantic as it could have been, but this humours revelation actually fits better with the tone of the series. Now she knows and… nothing else, because “I just gave you my virginity, woman. Cool your jets!”.

The Meemaw Materialization - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

On the other hand, we have Raj, Howard and the girl they met at the comicbook store, Claire (Alessandra Torresani). They actually met discussing whether Frozen was a good movie or not and, to be honest, I thought they were going somewhere with the fact that she looks like a live-action Elsa. And, after she talked about herself, she totally reminded me of a Season 1 Penny, with the whole ambitious film career dream and having to work as a bartender to pay for rent. Could it be a Leonard/Penny parallel for Raj/Claire? Hmm… it’s still too soon to tell, and I’m not sure why they would bother giving Raj a new love interest when they haven’t done much with Emily anyway.

I have been complaining about how we haven’t seen much of Emily this season. I understand that this time it was all about Sheldon and Amy, but they made such a big deal about Raj finally being able to speak to women and getting a girlfriend that it’s actually quite strange how Emily has been left behind. At times I even forgot that Raj had a girlfriend! Claire might be a good excuse to bring Emily back into the picture, although it’s probably going to be in a bad way if Raj continues keeping secrets from her and imagining a future with Claire instead.



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